Critapocalypse Podcast 21 – Matt Needs To Pee Edition

Hey folks! Here’s the latest Critapocalypse Podcast. We took a week off for Eid and now we’re back! Films reviewed this week are Sharknado 3, Ex Machina, Ted 2 and Ant-Man. We also reviewed the new series of Bojack Horseman and have games reviews in the form of Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, So Many Me and Card Hunter. Matt also needed to pee multiple times. Click below for Soundcloud links and various other stuff such as the timecodes for each review.

We did some bad math at the start. That’s Matt’s fault.

Film Review No.380: Ex Machina


Oh it feels good to watch an actual real film for once. Not a superhero thing, or a superhero thing masquerading as an action flick. Just an actual film with people talking and themes being explored as opposed to just being lightly touched upon. Granted, I’ve watched a sci-fi film. Not exactly a million miles away from the relatively mindless genre wank I’ve been staring at recently. Ex Machina is also one of my favourite types of sci-fi. By which I mean the type that could have easily been an episode of The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone or, maybe, even The Scary Door. So, yeah… here’s my review of Alex Garland’s directorial debut, Ex Machina.

From the machine

Film Review No.379: Ant-Man


Ant-Man is the latest in a long line of Marvel Cinematic Universe films people decided would be rubbish before it was released only to be proven wrong. Have I spoiled that the film is actually really quite good with that first sentence? Yes. Yes I have. Please do read the rest of this review though, despite my conclusion being all up front and stuff. I just feel it’s worth pointing out early on that Ant-Man is good and you should probably see it. Now I’ll tell you why and stuff.

Honey I shrunk the theif

Film Review No.378: The Terminator


This review is a little bit delayed. Normally I review a film a day or so after watching it for review purposes. I watched the original Terminator film way over a week ago, literally right before seeing Terminator Genisys. So yeah, I took my time getting this done. I hadn’t seen the film for a couple of years. Terminator is one of those films I grew up with back in the days when parents gave zero shits what their kids watched. Oh the 80s was a grand time. So, how does James Cameron’s (second) first film hold up today? Really fucking well actually. Click below for wordstuffs.

My opinion on this can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with etc etc.

Critapocalypse Podcast 20 – Spoilers Everywhere!

Here’s the latest Critapocalypse Podcast within which Matt spoils everything to do with Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys and Batman Arkham Knight. Also, we reviewed Expendables 3, Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse, N2O, Road Redemption and the Halo Master Chief Collection. Click the link below for the ultra sexy and doanloadable audio version via Soundcloud along with the timecodes for all the reviews.

Seriously, Matt spoiled the whole of Terminator Genisys

Film Review No.377: The Expendables 3

Expendables 3-1

Oh man! What’s this? A second review in one week? That’s rare. Mostly it’s because I watched this film last week and kinda delayed writing this review and then went to see Terminator Genisys when I was about to actually write. Oh, and then watched another film, to be reviewed later, right before Terminator Genisys. So yeah… got some reviews coming. Should probably talk about Expendables 3 I guess. I’ve covered the previous films and thought they were pretty mediocre, not really capitalising on the big 80s nostalgia machoness they could have. Will Expendables 3 be any better? Let’s see shall we.

Look at all the names on that bloody poster. What value for money! So much content!

Film Review No.376: Terminator Genisys


The good thing about a franchise compromising of two universally praised films and two universally panned films is that a director, in this case Alan Taylor, only has to aim for mediocre in order to be regarded as the third best. Of course, it helps if the film is more on the side of good though. In that regard Alan Taylor has pretty much managed to hit a home run. In as much as Terminator Genisys is pretty decent and enough above mediocre to be on the right side of enjoyable. But lets go into more detail shall we? A semi spoilery review coming up. Although none more spoilery than the trailers have been really.

Genisys is the name of an operating system in the film, which is probably quite realistic.


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