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Film Review No.365: Now You See Me


I kind of skipped past Now You See Me when it was released. Not sure why exactly. Something seemed “off” about it. It appeared to be one of those crime heist movies but with an Ocean’s Eleven vibe. Which is kind of what it half is. It probably could have been exactly that too. But it’s only half that. Click below for my words about this film.

Now You Don’t

Critapocalypse Podcast 12!

That right there is the latest Critapocalypse Podcast in Youtube format. The films reviewed in this week’s episode are Fifty Shades of Grey, Sexy Evil Genius and Pacific Rim. We also reviewed The Binding of Isaac Rebirth (Which has gameplay footage), Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Dying Light, Simon Amstell live and MANIMAL! Click the link below for the Soundcloud version which you can stream or download!

Genki Desu

Film Review No.364: Sexy Evil Genius


I like film noir. There, I said it. Call me pretentious or a hipster or whatever people call people that like things that are good these days, I don’t care. I like Noir and I’m proud. Sexy Evil Genius seems to be an attempt to create a noir in the style of a tv show bottle episode. Always gotta have a unique angle to your noir in this day and age. Just look at Brick. That was all high school set and stuff and it was cool. So, Sexy Evil Genius has it’s own unique premise. Well, unique in that it’s My Dinner With Andre but with murder and a few more people. Click the link below for my review.

Sexy Review Genius… ahem.

Film Review No.363: Wayne’s World

Wayne's World-3

You know when a friend of yours has somehow not seen a film? You know, a film that they should have seen because it’s almost impossible to have not seen it. One of my friends was like that. She hadn’t seen Wayne’s World. Naturally I fixed that. Also, by some lovely piece of synergy, it resulted in the perfect companion piece to go with my last review. The film was Wayne’s World. That’s the film I’m on about. How does someone live, like, a bunch of years and never see Wayne’s World? Anyway, click the link below.

Monkeys might fly out this link

Critapocalypse Podcast 11

Here’s the eleventh ever episode of Critapocalypse: the Podcast: The Movie: The Game! To be honest, it’s just a podcast. But we do review movies and games. Also various other stuffs. This week we reviewed David Cronenberg’s Shivers, WWE NXT Rival, Running Shadow, Better Call Saul, Turtle power, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Friday the 13th on the NES and The Xbox Ultimate Sale. Above is the Youtube version and after the link is the Soundcloud version which you can download and listen to whilst having a poo!

You don’t have to be having a poo whilst listening to this by the way.

Film Review No.362: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey-2

Back in September last year I finally got around to reviewing Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It was one of those films on my to do list. Not that I have an actual list of films I’m meant to be reviewing… well… apart from the one linked at the top that I don’t think I’ve updated for a year. I should do that. Anyway, Excellent Adventure’s sequel, Bogus Journey, was also a film that I’ve been meaning to cover. And today is that day! Which I’d guess you’ve figured out already. Anyway, let’s get on with this.

You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you’ll dance with The Reaper

Film Review No.361: Turtle Power

After reviewing that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film from last year, which has the odd distinction of being a film that “didn’t make me angry”, I pledged to review the older TMNT films at some point. I still haven’t done that. But I have watched the documentary about the creation of those Mutant Turtles and my review of that is right here… so… that let’s me off, right?



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