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Critapocalypse Podcast 6 – Almost A Retro Special!

So there’s the lovely video “enhanced” version of Critapocalypse Podcast 6. In this episode we review, amongst other things, Nightbreed, Return of the Living Dead, Season 5 of The Walking Dead and Persona 4. I also took Youtube’s Content ID system to task for how horribly it’s managed. If you click the little link below you can go to the audio only version which you can either stream or download. Enjoy!

Go forth unto Midan

Film Review No.351: Nightbreed – The Director’s Cut


Little over a week ago I wrote a Weekend Dump post about 5 films I felt need a UK home media release. One of those films was Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. A few days later I’m looking over the US Netflix, which is so much better than the UK one, and lo and behold the director’s cut of Nightbreed had been added to their service. That’s pretty damn cool. I’ve not seen the film since I was a little lad and here’s a nice, new, extended and re-cut version for my eyeballs to enjoy. And now here’s my review for you guys to enjoy. Maybe. If that’s what happens when people read reviews. Click the link below.

One of us, one of us!

Film Review No.350: Kung Fu Cannibals (AKA: Raw Force)


Whenever I hit a milestone review, as in every 50 or on The Film Dump’s birthday, I like to review a special film. More often than not special actually means “special”. Like that bus that drove you to school. Kung Fu Cannibals, known as Raw Force in some parts of the world, is that bus. This wasn’t the film I had planned originally, but Matt over as Cinemageddon kinda forced me to watch it because he’s a dick like that. He insisted it was better than Miami Connection. This was despite me insisting that no film is better than Miami Connection. Anyway, follow the link for the review.

Click the link Mien Friend.

Weekend Dump: 5 Films What Need A UK Home Release


So over the past year I’ve been on a quest to pick up more and more interesting films to cover on here. Quite often I’m confronted with the roadblock that is the lack of a UK release. Whilst there’s a number of cult DVD and Blu Ray distributors in the UK, Arrow, Eureka and BFI being amongst the best, they can’t release everything. What’s really baffling is that some of these films aren’t that obscure. For example, the only Godzilla films to be available on DVD in the UK are King Kong vs Godzilla, the 1998 film, the original (only on DVD despite a restoration) and the recent 2014 release. That’s 4 out of 30. Recently this issue has bugged me enough to actually bring back the Weekend Dump. So, here are 5 films I really would like to see get a UK release soon.

Please release me

Film Review No.349: Snowpiercer


I’m a little late getting to this one. I wanted to review Snowpiercer much earlier in the year but it has still not seen a UK release. I thought it had and I had just missed it. Turns out there was a festival showing and that’s it. No DVD release or anything. But the film is up on the US version of Netflix which is easy enough to access if you’re a UK Netflix customer. So, do that. Because, Jesus, this film is pretty damn good and needs watching. You know it’s out over a lot of Europe too on DVD. They’ll play on UK DVD players fine and will be in English. Screw Weinstein and his messed up handling of this film. Anyway, click the link below for the review.

It’s mostly about how we constantly destroy ourselves.

Critapocalypse Episode 4

Well here’s episode 4 of Critapocalypse! It’s a podcast myself and my mate Matt over at Cinemageddon do where we review films, games, tv shows and any other random stuff we fancy. Sometimes new things, sometimes old. Up there is the video enhanced version of the podcast. By enhanced I mean it has pictures and occasionally video for game reviews. For the audio only version, which you can download, is after the link.

Reviews. Critique. Opinions. Death.

Film Review No.348: I Know That Voice


If you click on the link for animated films I’ve reviewed over in the search filter thing you’ll see that I’m quite a fan of a variety of animated stuff. Two of my favourite animated films of all time are Transformers: The Movie and Spirited Away. Without hitting impressionistic eastern European animation I doubt I could pick two films further apart. I’ve always loved animation and was enthralled by the voices behind them. Even as a kid I knew Mel Blanc was pretty much every Looney Tune. That Peter Cullen and Frank Welker were Optimus Prime/Eeyore and Megatron/Slimer. I respect what they do immensely. Always have, always will. I Know That Voice is a documentary designed to showcase why some of us love these voices. Click the link below for the full review!

Th-th-TH-That’s the link for my review folks!


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