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Critapocalypse Podcast 19 – Marvel Discussion & Other Reviews

There’s the new Critapocalypse podcast. Only film reviewed in this episode is Jurassic World but we spend a considerable amount of time discussing the Marvel films like the nerds we are. We also reviewed Orange is the New Black season 3, Season 2 of Agents of Shield, WWE’s Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank events Massive Chalice on Xbox One, Bayonetta on Wii U, Download Festival 2015 and Amanda Palmer’s recent Union Chapel concert. Click the link below for the downloadable Soundcloud version and various links and timecodes.

I still like Jurassic World

Film Review No.375: Sin City – A Dame To Kill For


I was a really big fan of the original Sin City when it came out. Saw it multiple times in the cinema, imported the DVD, and then imported the director’s cut boxed set. Brought the comics and so forth. Even made a Sin City themed car on FORZA Motorsport because, yes, I had that much free time. I never thought the film was perfect but it’s hyper stylised approach, which really hadn’t been done before then barring a few exceptions, was intoxicating for me. The dark twisted tales of brutish men easily manipulated by the women of Sin City, a place where going down the right back alley can result in almost anything happening. It all appealed to me. I like Noir. I like comic books. I like hyper-stylised takes on film and pulp novel tropes. Sin City wasn’t perfect, but it was unique. It was also on the razors edge of being absolutely awful. Speaking of which… here’s Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For.

Modern reviews all look like electric razors

Film Review No.374: Jurassic World


Jurassic Park is an actual classic film. It’s not a perfect film. It’s not even an exceptional film, but it is an important film in the progression of blockbuster cinema. It had wonder, action, adventure and and single handedly created a generation, or two, of kids obsessed with dinosaurs. I was already a dinosaur nerd when the original film came out so seeing Jurassic Park was like I was finally getting to see actual dinosaurs on screen. I could write huge posts about how well Spielberg conveyed the jaw dropping sight of seeing these dinos realised on screen like never before. Jurassic Park wasn’t just about gawping at the creatures though. It was an action film. And a damn good one too. Jurassic World is fully aware that seeing giant monsters isn’t a huge deal now, hell, the plot revolves around that fact, so it rightly focuses on action. Does Jurassic World lose anything because of this? Click below for my words about this.

They never just make themselves a veggiesaurus do they?

Critapocalypse Podcast 18

Hey look! It’s Critapocalypse 18 within which Matt tries desperately to drag the length of the podcast out as much as possible with his nonsense. We reviewed the tv shows Gotham, Parks & Recreation and Community. Game reviews include AdVenture Capitalist, The Witcher 3, Massive Chalice and Wolfenstein The Old Blood. Also, I reviewed Konami… because fuck Konami. Click the link below for the Soundcloud version that you can download and everything. Also, timecodes for the reviews!

Use the timecodes to skip past Matt’s nonsense

Film Review No.373: Empire Records


The 90s was a magical time for small cinema to get noticed. There was a slew of directors coming from nowhere with fresh new films. Films like Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi, Kevin Smith’s Clerks Jean Pierre Jeunet’s City of Lost Children and so on, all came from fresh minds looking to get noticed. These spawned copycat films with larger budgets that often didn’t quite get what made the originals they were so fond of tick. Clerks was probably the most cloned and is almost single handedly responsible for the rise of the slacker comedy-drama. Now, Empire Records was no direct clone, it was in production long before Clerks release, but it can easily be described as being from the same mould. But is it any good? Click below and I’ll tell you definitively. Because only I can decide these things.

Say No More (Mon Amore)

Critapocalypse Podcast 17 – Mad Max Fury Road Was Awesome Episode

Here’s the latest Critapocalypse Podcast what I do with that Matt guy from Cinemaggedon. In this episode the only film reviewed was Mad max Fury Road. But that’s kinda the only film right now, so it’s OK. We also reviewed Supergirl, Arrow Season 3, Life Is Strange Episode 3,Knights of Pen & Paper 2, Smite Beta on Xbox One, Resident Evil Revelations 2 and I focus on the excellent Becky Lynch Vs Sasha Banks match from NxT Takeover Unstoppable. Click the link below for timecodes for each review, various links and the Soundcloud version what you can download and stuff!

Matt actually says he liked the Supergirl movie.

Film Review No.372: The Running Man

Running Man 2

Just over a week ago I watched Mad Max Fury Road and now all action films have been ruined for me. Modern ones at least. I feel the need to watch films that feel more real and less like computer puppets being flung around a photo composite diorama. I need to see real stunts and real explosions. Maybe even some blood flying that wasn’t filmed in a small studio separate from the actors. For whatever reason I chose to watch The Running Man. It wasn’t a bad choice I suppose.



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