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Jay & Silent Bob Get Old In London

Who here is a fan of Kevin Smith? Well you’re on the internet so I’m sure there’s a good chance that you are. If you’re not why not? OK so I can understand if you’re not actually a fan of the works of Kevin Smith but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy a little bit of potty humour every now and again, and that’s just what Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes brought to the Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday 18th February. I was there, as was my buddies Luke and Ben and around 2,997 other people I don’t know. Well except for that one guy Ryan I saw there that I used to work with. So what happened at this Jay & Silent Bob show that I speak of? Click the link to find out.

15 bucks my good friend, put that money in my hand, and if that money doesn’t show then you owe me owe me oh.. my jungle looove oh-wee-oh-wee-oh!

Film Review No.101: Red State

There are some directors out there that operate within a nice comfort zone. Some stick to horror, some stick to comedy, some stick to science fiction. Those that do usually do so because they have a love of the genre and a committed fan base that expects such genre films. Kevin Smith has always been one of those directors. For 9 films now Kevin Smith has directed nothing but comedies, albeit with slight shifts in tone or style. With Red State Kevin Smith has clearly decided it’s time to try his hand at something different. What may be Red State’s biggest issue though is what exactly that is… Click the link to read on.

Pray to God? PRAY TO MEEEE!… hold on, not a Batman review. Whoops.

Trailer Park Thursday: Nicolas Cage Isn’t In The Most OTT Film This Week Edition

Nic Cage is generally known for being either over the top in films where he shouldn’t be or for putting in a performance that’s exactly in keeping with just how OTT the film is. Basically he comes across like a nut job no matter what he’s in. This week though we have a trailer for his new film, Seeking Justice, in which he seems to be acting almost like a human adult. It also looks painfully predictable. The other trailer though, oh man. It’s called Iron Sky and that’s all I’m telling you. You just have to watch the trailer. Also I’ll try to think of a retro film to post the trailer of.

Killing me won’t bring back you’re trailers!


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