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Film Review No.275: Dylan Dog – Dead Of Night


For the last few weeks I have pretty much abandoned the plan I had to up the importance level of the films I did review. I had decided to focus more on the cinematic masterpieces and artistically unique/interesting. Today will not be the day that I change that. I’m carrying right along with the big silly fantasy and sci-fi nonsense with Dylan Dog: Dead of Night starring the George Lazenby of Superman films, Brandon Routh. Maybe soon I’ll cover a more important film. I make no promises though. That said, I’ll be doing the Godzilla films soon so… well, the first is important… that counts, right? Click the link below.

On the death of love

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Film Review No.272: Paranorman


I do like reviewing films aimed at children. They exist as this area of film making that can vary wildly in tone, technique and thematics from one film to the next that it almost seems that any subject could be touched upon. A problem comes up though that when you tackle certain subjects in a children’s film a film maker has to be careful regarding what you can and can’t show. You can do film suitable for kids that tells them it’s OK to be different but you can’t outright have the film say that it’s OK to be gay, for example. Most young kids aren’t ready to tackle a subject like that. So you use other thematics to send the same message. Paranorman is a film that isn’t satisfied with passing just one tough message. It is a film that intends to stick with a child into adulthood by not hiding its subject matter, its themes or by pulling any punches. In many ways it is one of the most daring kid’s films in some time. Click the link for me not glossing over stuff for you.

Paranorman activity

HORROR WEEK! Film Review No.258: Day Of The Dead


Zombies are pretty much everywhere now. It seems that about 10 years ago a few zombie films turned up around the same time, some sort of critical mass was achieved, and since then it’s been impossible to escape the buggers. Partly because they run now, but also because it’s every company’s lazy idea of making a quick cheap buck. A zombie film practically writes itself. People are holed up some and zombies are coming for them. A zombie comic can give a writer like Robert Kirkman a medium to explore the nature of civility and the extremes people will go to in a long form format, and also become crazy rich of TV and merchandise deals. Zombie games allow developers to minimise A.I. scripts and provide the player with the context to shoot whatever they like. Most zombie related materials these days are pretty bottom of the barrel tripe. Those that excel, such as The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later and The Last of Us do so because they don’t just look at zombies as a chance to show some gore. They see the zombie setting as a chance to hold a mirror up to ourselves in the kind of blunt, uncomplicated way that seems to be required these days. They do this all because of one man and the groundwork he laid in three fantastic zombie films. I end this zombie week with, possibly, his masterpiece, Day of the Dead. Click the link for braaaaains.

The remake of this is balls.

HORROR WEEK! Film Review No.257: Halloween 3 – Season of The Witch


It’s a Halloween tradition here at Film Dump towers… well, my house… to watch a Halloween film on Halloween. It’s not the most original of traditions. Since starting The Film Dump I have taken upon myself to review the entire Halloween franchise, one film at a time, one film per year. At this rate I’ll be done in 2020. That’s provided they don’t make any more. This may not have been my best idea. Tonight is the third Halloween in The Film Dump’s existence and, as such, I must now review the anomaly that is Halloween 3: Season of the Witch! Again, not my greatest idea. Click the link for my words what are about this film.

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

HORROR WEEK! Film Review No.255: Onibaba


So I happily admit to having a bit of a thing for classical Japanese cinema these days. Been trying to spread out the reviews so this doesn’t become Japanese Cinema Dump but it’s nearly Halloween and I felt like reviewing what is generally considered the precursor to the J-Horror genre. This film was recommended to me by Mark Cousins, director of The Story Of Film and, most recently, Here Be Dragons. I asked him to recommend either this or Kuroneko, and Onibaba was his pick. So, was his recommendation a good one? You’ll have to click the link below to find out I guess. Although he did feature this film in The Story Of Film so… yeah… it’s pretty good.

Onibaba means Demon Hag… which is now my new favourite insult.

HORROR WEEK! Film Review No.254: Carrie


First things first, no this isn’t a review for the remake starring Chloe Grace “only teenage girl in Hollywood” Moretz. Not my fault they went and released that remake the same week as my HORROR WEEK review was due. Blame the studios. I would go see the remake but… ehhhhh… why bother? The original is a work of art and I intend to tell you all just why in this review. So, click the link below and I’ll tell you why Carrie is such a superb piece of horror.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m gonna diss the new Carrie remake without having seen it!

HORROR WEEK! Film Review No.253: Phenomena (AKA Creepers)

Choosing what to cover first on Horror week was a little tricky. Other than Halloween 3 on October 31st I hadn’t set out a schedule. I don’t like to think too far ahead. Brings me out in hives. Eventually I decided that if I was going to start Horror Week with a bang I may as well go with the most bat-shit insane of the 5 films I’ll be reviewing over the coming week. When it comes to insanity on film you don’t get much more insanityer than Dario Argento. To call him an unconventional director would be a slight understatement. They guy always has, and always will, live in a cinematic world of his own. The sort of world where a serial killer can be hunted down by a wheelchair bound biologist with a Chimp for a nurse and a 14 year old girl with the psychic power to communicate with insects. And that’s Phenomena ladies and gents! Click the link for the review!

Something like a phenomena

The Weekend Dump: Horror Week Is Incoming!!!


Occasionally on this here internet blog space thing I like to do what I’ve come to term as “Spleurgs” or, more commonly, “Review Seasons”. In these review seasons I do two things. Firstly I pick a set of films to review, usually in a chronological order. Secondly I forget to eat. I nearly died during the James Bond marathon. Next Thursday is Halloween and so for the next 7 days The Film Dump will be going through a new review season. This season is creatively called HORROR WEEK! I did a HORROR WEEK 2 years ago which was very successful. If you measure success by the amount of views that one film I included for a joke took. I didn’t have time for a HORROR WEEK last year due to the James Bond season and the onset of malnutrition. I did get the Halloween day review done though. See, I’ve also made it a tradition to review a Halloween film each year on October 31st. So without further ado, click the link below to find out what films I’ll be reviewing over the coming week.

When exactly is Thriller night?

Film Review No.246: Evil Dead (2013)


This is going to become a habit methinks. I’m referring to me having reviewed an original film and then, later on, it’s remake. Did so with Total Recall already, here I am with Evil Dead and RoboCop is a few months away. Not to mention I’ve been planning on covering Oldboy at some point. I guess that’s just the times we live in. Everything needs to be remade. Studios want to have guaranteed returns and they feel the best way to accomplish that is to take a well known name and repackage it for the modern generation. It works too. I can’t tell you how many times I’d get a customer in my HMV days asking for a film and the conversation would go like this… “’Ave you got (insert film here)?” to which I reply “The original or the remake” and to which they stare blankly because they didn’t know the film was a remake at all because they suck at knowing stuff. Often they’d reply with “the original” at which point I take them to the original film and then they start the blank stares. Anyway, most remakes suck or miss the point. Occasionally they’re good. What about the Evil Dead? I hear none of you cry. Click the link to find out.

Chicks with missing limbs are hot…. what?

Film Review No.238: Troll


A long time ago I reviewed, what is widely considered, the best worst movie of all time. That film was the gloriously awful Troll 2. You may have gathered by the number 2 in the title that Troll 2 was a sequel and that the previous film may have been called Troll. That is a fair assumption and also the truth. Although Troll 3 actually has about 500 different names so it probably wouldn’t have surprised you if Troll 2 was a sequel to Crush Groove. Anyway, I’m here to review Troll. Click the link and I shall begin. Or just scroll down if you happened to already be on the actual review itself and not just The Film Dump’s homepage.

Wish I could cast Expelliarmus on this film.


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