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Film Review No.367: How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2-2

Quite some time ago, 313 reviews ago in fact, I was quite pleasantly surprised by just how enjoyable Dreamwork’s How To Train Your Dragon was. I tend to give Dreamworks’ films a bit of cautious wide berth, mostly because a large amount of their output is tired or just plain terrible. Seriously, like, 90% of their film’s humour comes from people falling over or actors playing hyper versions of themselves. That’s pretty much all Madagascar is, for example. How To Train Your Dragon was different though. It had an honest to goodness actual story, with characters… and bloody dragons. If your film has dragons there’s a good chance I’ll like it. So, does how To Train Your Dragon 2 match up to the first? Click the link below for my review.

You’d think they’d be all trained up by now.

Movie Review No.54: How To Train Your Dragon

Remember Dino-Riders? They were awesome. it was about a bunch of dudes that traveled back in time and put big ass guns on a load of dinosaurs and, if I remember correctly, they put mind control things on their heads to enable them to control them. Dinosaurs with giant lasers is an awesome idea but that mind control thing is the wusses way to ride a giant lizard. Real warriors train their lizards by earning their trust. And then people don’t understand and things look bleak and eventually the day is saved thanks to that warrior and his dragon. Sorry, just spoiled the whole of How To Train Your Dragon there.

How to not write a review with good grammar


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