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What Is A Liebster Award? I Now Know The Answer


So a fellow blogger, and regular commenter here, who’s site is called Thoughts From The Booth recently awarded me with The Liebster Award. My initial reaction ranged from “what is that?” to “Has Joe’s account been hacked and now he’s sending complimentary spam?”. I get a lot of complimentary spam, by the way. If in doubt, Google the potential spam comment. That’s my advice for today. Where was I? Oh yeah, Liebster thing. The Liebster Award is a blogger network prize the origins of which I’ll explain after the jump. Effectively though one blogger nominates a number of other bloggers they enjoy, all of which have a limited number of followers, in an attempt to spread the word and get some juicy subscriber cross-pollination going. In the process you answer a series of questions the nominator poses to you. So, Thoughts From The Booth nominated me and after the jump I’ll nominate someone else and answer the questions posed to me.

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Film Review No.276: The Lego Movie


Hands up who thought The Lego Movie would turn out good? I didn’t. I saw the charm in the initial trailer, but, kind of expected the film to end up being one of those kids films that end up being a series of dumb jokes wrapped around the most flimsy of stories. I mostly expected it to be a huge advert for Lego toys. Well, it is that. I’m pretty sure many people that have left the film have gone and purchased a Lego set shortly after. I probably would have if I had a spare few thousand pounds to buy what sets I could with that. So, like, one minifig and a small car, right? The Lego Movie represents everything that I should hate about films aimed at children. Its humour is puerile, its filled with nonsense, its a marketing ploy, it has that one catchy song that won’t fecking LEAVE MY HEAD!!!… It’s so frigging awesome. Click the link.

Apparently everything is awesome or something.

Film Review No.260: The Dark Knight Returns Parts 1 & 2


Yes, I could have easily split this into two separate reviews and got me a few more ad hits, but that just ain’t how I roll. These two films come together as one complete whole and tell a story that is fully contained within these two parts and the comic it is based on. No, there isn’t a comic called The Dark knight Strikes Again. That never happened. Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns is a comic that fans have wanted to see adapted for years. Apparently Warner entertained the idea in the process of reinventing Batman for cinema audiences after the travesty that was Batman & Robin. It would have been a tough one to pull off seeing as it is among the most brutal Batman stories worthy of adapting. What you’d need is a medium that can get away with a little more and a fan base willing to buy. And that’s where Bruce Timm and his pals at Warner Animation come in. Click the link for my review.

Slice and dice!

The Weekend Dump: Batfleck


Hey there, this is The Weekend Dump. It’s a new thing I’m gonna try to do in order to have some form of scheduled posting going on up in here. Keep in mind that I used to do this via a weekly trailers post and, well, do you see a trailers post this week? No, you don’t. But they never brought in the views like my reviews do so I guess the impetus to keep doing them wasn’t there. Plus, it was lazy. The Weekend Dump will be where I take a piece of movie based news from this week, or maybe a few pieces, and then write some unedited rant/thing about that news. Hopefully it’ll generate a little discussion. I was going to write about how Star Wars Episode VII is (brilliantly) being shot on 35mm film with a focus on practical effects. And then THAT news broke. So yeah, Batfleck everybody… let’s dump.

Poor Ben Affleck

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Trailer Is Out!

Looks frigging epic. The Dark knight Returns is, as for many Bat-fans, one of my favourite Batman comics. It was a massive force in the change of direction of that Batman underwent during the 80s. I was quite apprehensive upon hearing the news that Bruce Timm’s team was going to be making the comic as a film at first. Not because I doubted their ability to make a great animation but because I was unsure if they’d be able to fully represent a comic that is densely packed both visually and with it’s story. A while back they announced it would be split into two parts. Personally I would have preferred them to make it just one long film instead but that’s how it is. After the jump is the first full trailer for the first part of the feature. It looks amazing.

Old man Bruce is gettin’ up to his old tricks again.

Film Review No.157: The Dark Knight Rises

WARNING!!! This review will contain SPOILERS. The last two paragraphs are very spoiler heavy. I have noted in the review when the major spoilers are coming though.

Well here it is. The final instalment of the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy and the last Batman review I will have to write for some time. Thankfully I didn’t start to feel like I had nothing left to say about Batman, unlike when I did the Harry Potter reviews. That’s thanks to the breadth of variety and styles contained within the franchise. Nolan’s trilogy though is the only series of Batman films handled by the same director over more than two films. The Animated Series films were all handled by different directors and the previous live action series went two a piece from Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher. Nolan is a smart director and he always said he wouldn’t go back for a third Batman outing unless he felt he had something he could bring to it. He clearly found the right story, but does he have anything to say? Click the link to find out…

Master Wayne…. Riiiiiiise.

Film Review No.156: The Dark Knight

Well here’s the biggie. Well at least until Friday. The Dark Knight is, by quite some margin, THE most successful Batman film both financially and critically. Well unless you count Under The Red Hood’s 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but that’s only from 7 reviews. Great film though. The Dark knight managed to gross over $1billion in worldwide takings, the only Batman film to do so. Some would argue that it only reached that point because of the fact that one of it’s leads, Heath Ledger, died a few months before release thus creating extra hype around the film. Fact is, if the film sucked then no amount of Heath Ledger hype would have made it take even half that money. Unless it had Transformers in it. They seem to be immune to quality. Anyway, click the link for my review!!

Why so reviewious…. nah, doesn’t work.

Film Review No.155: Batman Begins

And so it begins. Batman Begins to be exact. Here’s where we start edging towards the finale on this marathon of Batman movies I’ve been reviewing. We’re in Nolan territory now! Batman Begins came into being after 8 years of attempts by Warner to do whatever they could to wash the bad taste of Batman & Robin from the worlds collective conscience. Truth be told nothing will ever wash that smell off of Batman. Nolan does a damn good job trying to though. Click the link for my review!

Why do we fall? So we can learn to not be such clumsy twats.

Film Review No.154: The Batman Vs Dracula

So I had no idea that this existed until I started searching for Batman films to review a few months back. It was never released here in the UK as far as I can tell and it’s based on a series that I gave up on halfway through it’s second season. There’s actually some unofficial Batman films from the 60s where he faces Dracula, obviously they’re lost to time, and Batman has faced vampires and Dracula himself in various incarnations of the comics. So this isn’t actually that batty a premise. Yes I’m still doing Bat-puns. Naturally I had to buy this because I like Batman, I like vampires and I felt like padding out this review season a much as possible. Click the link for the review!

Has The Batman bitten off more than he can chew?

Film Review No.153: Batman & Mr Freeze – Subzero

Clumsy title that. Batman & Mr Freeze Subzero is the second in the animated DC Universe Batman film. It had the unenviable task of following up the excellent Mask of The Phantasm, which is generally regarded as one of the bets Batman stories. Quite wisely the series creators decided to not retread any ground and instead utilised a villain that they had helped reinvent. There’s an episode of TAS called Heart Of Ice that may well be one of the most highly regarded Batman stories of all time. In it Paul Dini took Mr Freeze, a villain that had largely been a joke, and gave him an incredible new origin story. Subzero uses the core of that origin to tell a new story giving Mr Freeze the focus he deserved. Click the link for the review…

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