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Gilgamesh Is A Horror Film That Is Happening


Some of you may have noticed that I do have a soft spot for micro budget horror. I’m not saying I’m the most clued up on what’s out there, but I do like to see it all the same. Even backed production of one such film on Kickstarter last year. Today I got sent a trailer and a press release for a little horror film called Gilgamesh. After the link I’ll post the teaser trailer and a little information about the film.

Did you know that Gilgamesh was a Mesopotanian Demi-God? I didn’t.

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Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer Is Here!


So after that little tease of a trailer during the Superbowl we were left in anticipation… or more likely, left shrugging, at the prospect of a new Transformers film. I may be a bit controversial here when I say that the Michael Bay Transformers films aren’t exactly brilliant. Especially that pile of wank known as Revenge of the Fallen. I did somewhat moderately enjoy the third film though. I do suspect that was due to Shia LaBeouf’s character… human… person… having an actual character arc. A really, moronically, simple character arc it may have been. But it was definitely there. Just. Well, Shia LaBeouf is out for this new film and Marky Mark is in. Also, Dinobots and a very big spaceship which I’m gonna say is Unicron. People have told me it’s a ship belonging to a Decepticon called Lockdown but there’s no way Michael Bay isn’t going to make that transform. Anyway, click the jump below for the embedded trailer.

Remember, humans are better than robots. That’s why the film will focus on them.

Godzilla 2014 Trailer 2. Oh My!


I got chills. Click the link below.

He picks up a bus and then throws it back down.

It’s The Guardians Of The Galaxy Trailer!


I’m probably going to be a little bias when it comes to this film. If you’ve been reading this here blog site thing for a while you may know that I’m a bit of a fan of James Gunn. Super was easily my favourite film of 2012 and that he managed to write a remake of Dawn of the Dead that didn’t suck means he should have won some sort of medal. Hell, it’s probably the only good, non-comedy, zombie film for decades. James works best on the fringes and here he’s been given one of Marvel’s more obscure groups of characters to present to an audience that, mostly, will have never heard of them at all. From the looks of the trailer Marvel isn’t going to be holding back on the spectacle required of Guardians of the Galaxy and it seems James Gunn’s visual style and sense of humour is making it through intact. Basically, I like what I see. Click the link below to see the trailer.

Has Hooked on a Feeling stopped being associated with Ally McBeal yet?

The Amazing Spider-man 2 Sportsball Trailer Is Here!


There’s some sort of sports thing on tonight. Dunno why people are watching that when there’s a load of new film trailers being released. Always seems to be around this time of year that a load fo trailers get put out at once. Odd that. Anyway, click the link below for the newest Amazing Spider-man 2 trailer!


Captian America Winter Soldier Superbowl Trailer Is Here!


Blah blah blah sportsball. Blah blah blah summer movies. Blah blah blah Captain America. Click the link below.

“The only games I play are patriot games.” – Captain America



Here’s the Godzilla 2014 trailer featuring Godzilla and a bunch of actors who play second fiddle to Godzilla. The trailer doesn’t show much Godzilla, but it does set the mood pretty well. So click the link for Godzilla.


It’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer!


Sony have been hyping up this trailer all week like it was the biggest event of the year. Good for them. I suppose they need to make sure people are hyped for the second Totes Amaze-balls Spider-Dude film after the first one disappointed many. I enjoyed the first film, although pointed out just how much of it was pointless and merely repeating stories we’ve seen already. Where the film really got into its swing (badum-tish) was when it was focused on Spider-Man himself, something Andrew Garfield pulled off well. So, after the jump is the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Tell me what you think in the comments, or something.


Here’s That Trailer For Captain America: The Winter Soldier!


Don’t do many trailer posts these days but I’m a comic book geek and so I feel compelled to post this one. The Thor 2 trailer hasn’t done a massive amount for me, although I will see it next week, but this trailer is awesome. They clearly understand that Captain America isn’t about supporting the interests of the American Government, regardless of what they are, but more about upholding the core tenants the U.S. was founded on. Some of the best storylines in the comics is when he’s going against his own employers to show what he believes is the true American way of life. This sequel seems to be tapping right into that and it looks like it’ll be doing a better job at showing the conflict between what SHIELD stand for and what they actually do better than the Agents of Shield series is. Anyway, click the link for the trailer and chuck some words in the comments below!

Also, Falcon is in this.

Here’s That RoboCop Remake Trailer


A little while ago I reviewed the Total Recall remake. It was terrible. This has been a habit of quite a number of remakes where, at best, they can be described as decent, and most often, an offence to the original work. A lot of the time this is because a remake has been made of a great work that not only didn’t need remaking but also the end product would often miss the point. See Total Recall. And from one Verhoeven classic to another comes the remake of RoboCop. I’ve watched this trailer a couple of times and I’m not sure what top make of it. Clearly it’s toned down. Violence at the level of the original just isn’t a thing these days. But this trailer also appears to show signs that the director might just have an angle to play this film from. It appears RoboCop is aware that he is Murphy right from the start. What difference does that make tot he character’s journey? Is his story going to be about him accepting the change? Will he reject it and fight back against the people that made him? What will others think? Does he view himself as a monster? Is this actually Robo-Frankenstein’s Monster? Lots of questions that you can ask yourself by watching the trailer after the jump.

“Murphy, it’s you…” “yeah, I know!”


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