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What Is A Liebster Award? I Now Know The Answer


So a fellow blogger, and regular commenter here, who’s site is called Thoughts From The Booth recently awarded me with The Liebster Award. My initial reaction ranged from “what is that?” to “Has Joe’s account been hacked and now he’s sending complimentary spam?”. I get a lot of complimentary spam, by the way. If in doubt, Google the potential spam comment. That’s my advice for today. Where was I? Oh yeah, Liebster thing. The Liebster Award is a blogger network prize the origins of which I’ll explain after the jump. Effectively though one blogger nominates a number of other bloggers they enjoy, all of which have a limited number of followers, in an attempt to spread the word and get some juicy subscriber cross-pollination going. In the process you answer a series of questions the nominator poses to you. So, Thoughts From The Booth nominated me and after the jump I’ll nominate someone else and answer the questions posed to me.

Blogging all over the world

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Here’s What The Film Dump Done Did In 2013


So WordPress does this stats thing each year to show how your blog was viewed and whatnot. Here’s The Film Dump’s review of 2013. A bit slower than last year but I think that’s partly down to Google image search changing how it finds pictures. Turned out that whenever someone looked at a pick in image search previously it would load the website in the background and deliver a hit to the site. When that changed my views dropped by two thirds, which was shocking. At least now I have a more accurate view of how often the site is looked at though. Anyway, happy new year and all that. Got a film season planned to start fairly soonish. Just gotta collect up all the films first. There’s a lot of them. Click the jump to see the report.

2013 was kinda balls really, wasn’t it?

The Ashens: Quest For The Game Child Trailer Is Here!!!


I like Ashens. He does funny little reviews of some of the greatest pieces of tat the world has to offer from the comfort of his sofa. Or, more precisely, the comfort of the floor he’s kneeling on whilst hunched over a camera pointed at his sofa. Actually, that doesn’t sound too comfortable. Anyway, he made a Indigogo thing a while ago to fund the production of an Ashens film. Now usually I’m in the camp of many people who are dead set against anyone making a film based on their Youtube channel. But these things happen and I’d rather see an Ashens film than Fred: the Movie. The trailer for the Ashens film (subtitled Quest for the Game Child) was released today and honestly, it looks really, really good. Has an actual professional tone to it. I figured it was going to look halfway well made but wasn’t expecting it to look this well made. Certainly looks better than that Angry Videogame Nerd film. What happened to that anyway? I remember seeing the trailer about a year ago, posted it on here even, and now it’s vanished. Well, no point stalling any longer. Click the link below to see the trailer itself.

Best episode of Ashens is the century egg episode. Look for that one first

The Film Dump’s Apparently Annual Fireworks Display!!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

19,000 people fit into the new Barclays Center to see Jay-Z perform. This blog was viewed about 84,000 times in 2012. If it were a concert at the Barclays Center, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

I have no idea what this is all about. Something to do with the stats and posts I made this year. Still, kinda neat. Enjoy. Next film review coming up will be Chapter 4 of the Tarantino season, review No.209: Jackie Brown. This will likely be posted tomorrow.

Well That Sure Is The Giant Robots Vs Giant Monsters Action I Was Promised. Pacific Rim Trailer In Here!!!


So for some time Guillermo Del Toro has been promising the world some giant fecking robot action. After At The Mountains Of Madness was cancelled he set about making this giant robot movie and he’s only gone and done it. Pacific Rim looks like the movie I’ve been wanting to see produced with Hollywood sized budgets ever since I watched Godzilla and Robot Jox style films as a kid. I’d imagine people a little younger than me would likely parallel the feeling they get from this to Power Rangers. Pacific Rim is about giant robots fighting monsters from beneath the sea and it looks pretty damn spectacular. It does make me ask one question though. Isn’t it time that our films started to scale down somewhat? We are really losing character and story behind huge effects and high concept scenarios. That said, giant robots kick all kinds of arse. Watch the trailer after the jump.

Yes I said Robot Jox. What of it?

Should I Be Worried About This?


So I check my views today to find that he site has set a new all time record for a single days views of over 1,000!!! Obviously I’ll make a bigger deal if I ever hit over 9,000. Anyway, seems that one review is responsible for all of this. My review of Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend has pulled in a lot of views today. Now, should I be happy or worried that it was searched for exactly 666 times. The searches appear to come from Spain too, which is odd because I don’t usually get many Spanish views. Hola Spanish peoples! Either someone is a great prankster or something devilish is afoot.

Here’s a Man Of Steel Trailer For You To Gawk At.


Well as Winter approaches we start heading into that time of year we all can’t wait to experience. It’s the summer movie trailers preview season!!!! Yes, every year at this time the studios start to remember that they have another season of summer blockbusters to force into our collective eye holes next year and so they start pumping out the film trailers like nobodies business. Today we have a trailer for the Zach Snyder directed and, more importantly for the marketing department, Christopher Nolan produced Man Of Steel. Because not having the word “Batman” in the title of the last two films worked out so well some clever sod in marketing decided that Superman can’t have his name on the title of his new film either. So, click the link for the trailer. It looks quite good.

Look out for Dat Hot Piece Of Ass With The Huge Tits from Warner to be announced soon.

The Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Is Finally A Real Thing.

I wasn’t sure if I should be posting this trailer for the long in production Angry Video Game Nerd Movie here or on my Games Dump side-blog. By the way, did you know I have a second blog called The Games Dump? Probably not cos it’s only had like 30 views and I update it once a month. Anyway, back in 2010 the original Youtube video game critic James Rolfe, or The Angry Video Game/Nintendo Nerd to his fans announced that he had plans to make a movie based around his character. Well, today is the day we finally see that that movie is indeed a thing that is happening. You can watch the trailer after the link below.

The Film Dump takes a diarrhea dump in your beer after this link.

The Evil Dead Remake Red Band Trailer Is Here!!!

I love The Evil Dead, even wrote a big love up of a review for it about a year ago on here just to prove how much I enjoy that film. But I am under no illusion that it is a film that is beyond being remade. The film was never perfect by anyone’s standards. Raimi has never felt that way either. And so for a few years now he’s been shopping about the idea of a remake, and here’s the trailer for it. I think this trailer looks superb. They’ve gone down a much darker route with the tone and even approached the story from a new angle. In it the lead character Mia (Jane Levy), who stands in for Ash, is a drug addict who’s been taken away to a cabin in the woods by friends to help her go cold turkey. And then they find the book of the dead and evil starts to happen. I’m hoping the film plays with the idea that she may be hallucinating the whole thing. Imagine if the films final moments revealed that she had been tripping balls the whole time and had just slaughtered all her friends. That would be dark stuff. Click the link to see the quite blood soaked trailer and remember to comment and like and all that jazz.

I don’t think a electric knife can cut through bone. Someone should tell her that…

Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Here!!!

I’m in two minds about posting this trailer. Not because it lacks anything, the trailer is amazing, but because there’s gonna be some many sites posting this I’ll be lucky to pull 3 views from it. But if you happen to be one of the few people that has not come across this trailer elsewhere then click the link below to enjoy the really, really awesome trailer for Iron man 3. I’ll chuck in a bonus unrelated video after the link too.

Does whatever an iron can.


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