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Film Review No.323: Transformers – Age Of Extinction


I’m just going to come out and say this right from the start. If you want a spoiler free review it’s best to go elsewhere, or at least not past this first paragraph. Age of Extinction is such a horrendous, vile and horrible film in so many ways I just have to go into all of it. So, here’s a mini review. It is not as bad as Revenge of the Fallen. It actually does a few things right. Excels at times even. I just think that, perhaps, my resistance to the works of Michael Bay has finally worn out and as a result I have to pick this film apart. You’ll see what I mean about the film being horrible and yet being capable of excellence as I go along. Shall we get started?

Michael Bay has made me cynical about Transformers

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GODZILLA SEASON: Film Review No.299: Terror Of Mechagodzilla


Well, this is the end of an era. The Showa era to be exact. See, Godzilla films are generally split into 3 distinct eras. The first being named Showa, the second Heisei and the third Millennium. All 3 series use the original film, Gojira, as a jumping off point with 1984’s The Return of Godzilla (Godzilla 1985) being a direct sequel to the original, as was Godzilla 2000/Millennium. None of the following eras keep any of the continuity from the Showa era. When Toho made Terror of Mechagodzilla they never intended for Godzilla to be laid to rest forever but they recognised that they needed a break. This last film almost serves as an attempt to correct some of the misguided tangents taken by some of the more recent entries in the series. Ishiro Honda returns as director and, thankfully, Akira Ifukube returns as the film’s composer. Returning too is the more serious and dark tone, though not to the same degree as the first film. How does the Showa era’s finale pan out? Click the link below for my review.

This film is unique in the Godzilla series as it is the only one with fake rubber boobs in it

FILM DUMP’S 3RD BIRTHDAY SPECIAL: Film Review No.298: The Toxic Avenger


Yes, The Toxic Avenger. My pick for the film which should represent The Film Dump turning 3 years old today is The Toxic Avenger. I tend to, but not always, pick out one of those films that people consider to be so bad they’re good as my milestone reviews. To me they’re films that show incalculable passion and honesty despite their limitations or ineptitude. Some of my genuinely favourite films of all time fit into these categories. Films such as Troll 2, Ninja Terminator and the recently added Story of Riki-oh. I should have saved that last one for a milestone really but I was in the mood at the time. I do enjoy the milestone review days though. Hell, there will be a second in a few days when I hit 300 reviews. The film I’ve picked for No.300 is one I’ve saved just for the occasion, as was Toxic Avenger. I knew I wanted to cover a Troma film at some point and today seems like just the right time to share with you all why Troma and The Toxic Avenger are special. The good special. Click the link below for words about this film!

Fun fact: I have Lloyd Kaufman and Toxie’s autograph on a screenplay of SUPER.

Film Review No.256: Thor – The Dark World


So Marvel thought it would be hilarious to release Thor The Dark World right in the middle of my Horror Week. Good going Marvel! Why not screw everything up for me as much as you can? Like that time you released The Avengers just as I was about to do my traditional joke review for The Film Dump’s 1st birthday. I’m sure they’ll find a way to screw up the Godzilla season I’m planning. Jerks. Yup, Marvel have it in for me, clearly. So, Thor The Dark World is out in the UK and I just got back from seeing it. So here’s my review… right in the middle of Horror Week. Click the link.

Unfortunately Kat Dennings is still covered up in this one. Racists.

Film Review No.252: 2001: A Space Odyssey


I recently decided it was time to up the ante when it comes to the sort of films I mostly cover on here. I tend to focus a lot of the more nerdy and mainstream big movies with occasional toe dipping into the more classical realms of cinema. Time to shake that balance up a little bit. I’m still going to be covering the more action focused stuff. Thor 2 review next week! What I want to do though is cover more of the greats. You don’t get much more great than this, 2001: A Space Odyssey. This is also the first Stanley Kubrick film I’ll be reviewing on here. So click the link below to open the pod bay doors (to this review).

I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Film Review No.245: Three Amigos


It has been some time since I last picked a film at random to review on here. I’ve gotten into the habit of planning what films to cover next in advance. Since I stopped using Lovefilm I’ve not been receiving random films so I have been plotting what to review next, hence the slowdown in new reviews. Although that is equally because I’ve finally started watching Breaking Bad. Annnnyway, tonight I sat in front of Netflix’ somewhat limited selection of films and eventually stumbled upon Three Amigos. A film I haven’t seen for something like 20 years. Did my rose tinted glasses hold out over the course of reviewing one of my favourite childhood films? Click the link to find out.

Look out for Brian Thompson in this film. I was surprised.

Film Review No.238: Troll


A long time ago I reviewed, what is widely considered, the best worst movie of all time. That film was the gloriously awful Troll 2. You may have gathered by the number 2 in the title that Troll 2 was a sequel and that the previous film may have been called Troll. That is a fair assumption and also the truth. Although Troll 3 actually has about 500 different names so it probably wouldn’t have surprised you if Troll 2 was a sequel to Crush Groove. Anyway, I’m here to review Troll. Click the link and I shall begin. Or just scroll down if you happened to already be on the actual review itself and not just The Film Dump’s homepage.

Wish I could cast Expelliarmus on this film.

Film Review No.237: Total Recall (2012)


If you have read my review for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Total Recall film you will likely know that I revere it as one of the last great practical effects movies and an excellent piece of sci-fi. That and a film that is pretty much badass for a full two hours. It is odd how in the late 80s and early 90s films managed to balance multiple elements like that, by which I mean strong action coupled with strong sci-fi. These days, that sort of combination is few and far between. For every The Matrix there’s at least 2 sequels and 5 copycats that just don’t get it. With the ratio of good action sci-fi to bad action sci-fi being so poor these days, what chance does a remake of Total Recall directed by Len Wisemen have? You probably know the answer already…

I remember it so you don’t have to.

Tarantino Season Chapter 2: Film Review No.207: True Romance


You know what is quite a nice experience? Revisiting a film you haven’t seen for a long time. I don’t mean a long time as in a couple of years, or even a decade. I mean long enough to not be entirely sure that the film was a good as you remember it being. Quite often this doesn’t pay off as anyone who I’ve forced to watch the Garbage Pail Kids Movie will testify. But sometimes it really pays off, as it did a number of years back when I re-watched Robocop for the first time since I was a kid. Nostalgia is a fickle bitch. Last night I watched a film I haven’t seen since it was released on VHS here in the UK which has to be around 18 years now. Lets see how well that film, True Romance, holds up.

You’re a Cantaloupe

Film Review No.198: Tyrannosaur

So I’ve slowed down a little on the reviews over the last few weeks. There’s two reasons for this. 1) I am one of those losers that likes wrestling and as such am currently addicted to WWE 13, which I will review on The Games Dump soon(ish). B) I really am having trouble deciding what should be review No.200. Usually I’d go buy something that’s got bad cult classic written all over it for a milestone review, I did so with Troll 2 for review 100 and Death Bed for review 150. Trouble is I’m penniless right now and so can’t afford say The Garbage Pail Kids Movie or Story Of Ricky-Oh as I had been thinking of covering. So now I’m toying with the idea of finding a genuine classic piece of cinema to be the 200th review. I’d like it if people commented on what I should do. Should I get to review 200 now (Which may coincide with the blogs 100,000th view) or wait until I get paid (Last day of the month) to buy an absolute turd of a movie I can have a good rant over. Tough decisions. Now if I was planning to review a truly excellent piece of cinema for review 200 I couldn’t have done much better than today’s film, Paddy Considine’s directorial debut Tyrannosaur. Click the link for the review!

Surprisingly few dinosaurs in this film. Tree Of Life had dinosaurs.


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