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Film Review No.385: Nightcrawler


Yeah, I know. It’s been, like, two weeks since my last review. I haven’t had much chance to watch films recently, what with Mad Max and Metal gear Solid V releasing in the same week. Thanks for that games publishers. Except Konami. FucKonami. Anyway, I got around to watching that Nightcrawler film everyone was raving about last year. I’m so behind the times. Why are you even reading this? Anyway, below is what I thought of this damn fine and mostly exceptional film. Ermm… I guess that sentence was also my thoughts on it… Click the link… please?


Film Review No.365: Now You See Me


I kind of skipped past Now You See Me when it was released. Not sure why exactly. Something seemed “off” about it. It appeared to be one of those crime heist movies but with an Ocean’s Eleven vibe. Which is kind of what it half is. It probably could have been exactly that too. But it’s only half that. Click below for my words about this film.

Now You Don’t

Film Review No.351: Nightbreed – The Director’s Cut


Little over a week ago I wrote a Weekend Dump post about 5 films I felt need a UK home media release. One of those films was Clive Barker’s Nightbreed. A few days later I’m looking over the US Netflix, which is so much better than the UK one, and lo and behold the director’s cut of Nightbreed had been added to their service. That’s pretty damn cool. I’ve not seen the film since I was a little lad and here’s a nice, new, extended and re-cut version for my eyeballs to enjoy. And now here’s my review for you guys to enjoy. Maybe. If that’s what happens when people read reviews. Click the link below.

One of us, one of us!

Film Review No.267: The Nightmare Before Christmas


After realising that the Rescuers Down Under was squashed at the box office by Home Alone I thought it would be good to follow up my last review with that particular Christmas treat. That plan was soon squashed worse that The Rescuers potential financial success when it turned out that not a single TV channel in the UK was showing Home Alone on Christmas Day. There was Home Alone 2 and, apparently, there’s a 5th film now, but not the original entry in the series. So the hunt was on at the 23rd of this month to find a suitable replacement Christmas film. Man the choice was dire this year. Even Die Hard was missing from the Christmas schedule. Thankfully I managed to find a channel showing The Nightmare Before Christmas, and here we are. Click the link below.

I wish I was a clown with a tearaway face

Film Review No.203: Ninja Scroll (Jubei Ninpucho)


How long has it been since I did an anime review? -Checks all posts page on the dashboard- 4 months! That’s how long. Well that’s entirely too long. Guess I should correct that with one of the anime films that helped maintain the popularity of anime during it’s early to mid 90s heyday. Yes I said that was the heyday. A lot of what’s about now stinks. There, I said it. Shame Satoshi Kon died. He was really keeping the quality level high. Annnnyway, today I review Ninja Scroll. You know, that anime where the big rock dude rapes the poisoned girl. Why do so many of the films I cover seem to feature rape? What’s wrong with me? Click the link to find out!!!

Why haven’t I covered Akira yet?

Film Review No.104: Nightmares In Red, White and Blue

I’ve covered a horror themed documentary before here on The Film Dump, that one being Video Nasties. That was a very British focused doc about the era in the early 80s when horror films were getting banned left, right and centre. Today’s film is focused on the history of the US horror genre and how it reflected the tastes of the times. An interesting history it is too. Click the jump to read my views on the documentary Nightmares In Red, White and Blue.

Does this make you JUMP? ho ho ho!

Movie Review No.88: A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

You know why remakes are everywhere these days? Basically it’s all your fault. Well maybe not you specifically but it’s the fault of you collectively as the cinema going public. There’s a lot of people out there who for some reason are scared of seeing anything new. Instead they go with what’s familiar forgetting that at some point in their lives the currently familiar was new. It’s the reason Adam Sandler stopped trying all together. Hollywood are so desperate to pull in a profit these days that they spend the big studio producers spend their every waking minute trying to find people willing to work on established franchises or better yet to remake them so they can become a new franchise to milk. Very rarely is a producer or director genuinely interested in bringing an old film to a new generation. If they were they’d supervise a digital restoration of the original work and finance it’s re-release with new marketing. Instead of that though we get the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street…

Learn to lucid dream noobs!


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