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Film Review No.332: The Monster Squad


Because I’m a terrible person, there are a number of films I missed in my youth that friends of mine like to remind me that I haven’t seen yet. Along with The Princess Bride and The Godfather, one such film was The Monster Squad. This has now been remedied. Below is my review. Now shut up. I’ll get to The Princess Bride eventually.

Bela Lugosi’s dead… is a great song by Bauhaus.

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Film Review No.322: Maniac (2012)


Maniac is a film within which Lord of the Rings star Elijah Woods plays a mentally disturbed short guy. No, not that film… no, no, no… yep, the one where he scalps women. No, scalps, not beheads. Anyway, Maniac is a remake of a largely forgotten (sorry horror fans, it is) 1980 horror film that puts spin on the film by being presented almost entirely from the first person view of Elijah Wood’s character Frank Zito. Click below for my review.

Don’t scream… You’re beautiful.

Film review No.300: Miami Connection


Sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll hold off on reviewing a film for what I consider a special occasion. For example, I held off covering any James Bond films until just before Skyfall was released because I felt it would make sense to cover them all at once. Same reason I’m covering the Godzilla films right now. Miami Connection is a film I wanted to hold off on until just the right moment. It needed to be a milestone film. And not one of them X50 milestones. This HAD to be a X00 milestone. I intended to review it 100 films ago as review 200 but I discovered that the Blu-ray was not region free a little too late and was unable to get another copy in time. That has been sorted this time around. I’ve held of watching what many now regard as the best-worst movie. Sorry Troll 2. If you have never heard of Miami Connection I implore you to read this review, maybe also watch the episode of Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst where they cover this, and them embrace the fact that you will need to see this as soon as possible. Click the link below for The Film Dump’s 300th review!

Review for eternity, loyalty, honesty.

GODZILLA SEASON: Film Review No.288: Mothra Vs Godzilla


Why yes that is the poster for the Americanised version of Mothra Vs Godzilla. For some reason they opted to called it Godzilla vs The Thing and decided to hide just what “The Thing” was. Hell, looks like it’ll be some tentacle monster there. God bless the Hollywood B-Movie studio system of the 1960s. Anyway, this film is Mothra Vs Godzilla and it’s about Mothra fighting Godzilla. Well, there’s some stuff about an egg and some crooks… also some tiny little ladies… but mostly it’s about a giant moth fighting a giant dino-lizard guy. Click the link below to read what I hilariously call a review!

Scream, bug-eyed, as he looks in on them.

Film Review No.263: Men In Black 3


Back in the year 1997 Barry Sonnenfeld got together with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to give them kids of the 90s a little sci-fi fun in the form of Men In Black. Based on the Lowell Cunningham comic it told the story of a New York cop recruited by a secret organisation tasked with policing alien life on Earth. The film was a lot of fun, partly in thanks to slightly 80s attitude of asking the audience to just go along for the ridiculous ride. It didn’t take itself too seriously and so it managed to elevate itself above potential stupidity. A fine and enjoyable film. Its sequel was bollocks, far too concerned with showing zany and wacky aliens then telling an actual story. I was not planning on seeing Men in Black 3 partly because of how disappointing the second film was and this feeling that it existed to push Will Smith and sideline Tommy Lee Jones, cos he’s all old and stuff and Will Smith really needs a hit film. Last night there wasn’t much on TV and I was after a film to watch. Men in Black 3 was starting in a few minutes so I figured “what the hell”. Men in Black 3 is a good film. Click the jump for reasons.

Awww hell nawww!

Superman Season: Film Review No.235: Man Of Steel


It would be wrong of me to start this review without a little bit of history. Mostly because it has become a habit of mine over the course of these Superman film reviews. So here it is. Man of Steel was originally the title for the sequel to Superman Returns. Right, that’s out the way, now onto the review. Click the link to find out what I thought of Man of Steel!

Up, up and away!!!

Film Review No.215: Mulholland Drive


Well, here I am again, reviewing a film I’d have rather avoided. As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes I’ll cover a film that’s in the upper tier of film making. A film that has been studied and discussed so many times that whatever I have to write about it will have been discussed before. Also, there’s a good chance I’ll interpret something one way that many disagree with. Luckily for me hardly anyone ever bothers commenting on this blog so I suppose I can interpret Mulholland Drive anyway I want. Except I kind of can’t because Mulholland Drive is a film that I studied years back in College and so I am one of those people that have written and discussed it’s themes and story telling devices already. So, click the link below for my review… or go download Surgeon Simulator 2013 cos it’s really quite hilarious. Surgeon Simulator 2013 has nothing to do with Mulholland Drive, I just wanted to share how funny that game was. Anyway, on with the review.

Silencio… Silencio……. SILENCIO!!!!!!


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