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Film Review No.374: Jurassic World


Jurassic Park is an actual classic film. It’s not a perfect film. It’s not even an exceptional film, but it is an important film in the progression of blockbuster cinema. It had wonder, action, adventure and and single handedly created a generation, or two, of kids obsessed with dinosaurs. I was already a dinosaur nerd when the original film came out so seeing Jurassic Park was like I was finally getting to see actual dinosaurs on screen. I could write huge posts about how well Spielberg conveyed the jaw dropping sight of seeing these dinos realised on screen like never before. Jurassic Park wasn’t just about gawping at the creatures though. It was an action film. And a damn good one too. Jurassic World is fully aware that seeing giant monsters isn’t a huge deal now, hell, the plot revolves around that fact, so it rightly focuses on action. Does Jurassic World lose anything because of this? Click below for my words about this.

They never just make themselves a veggiesaurus do they?

Film Review No.370: Jack & Jill


Have you guys seen Tony Zhou’s Every Frame A Painting videos on Youtube? They’re really good. Every-time I watch them I’m reminded of how wonderful film can be. I used to watch, and indeed cover on here, a lot more art house cinema. Whilst I love big flashy dumb films, I prefer a beautifully shot exploration of a character or a situation. His latest, on director Lynne Ramsay, really reminded me of this. Anyway, I watched Jack & Jill this week. Fuck.


Tarantino Season Chapter 4: Film Review No.209: Jackie Brown


So far at this point in Tarantino’s career he had directed two very successful films and written another for Tony Scott to direct. For his third directorial (Well, technically 4th) effort Quentin decided he would adapt one of three Elmore Leonard novels. The original plan was to adapt the books Freaky Deaky and Killshot but, at some point, he re-read Rum Punch and two more potential Tarantino films went into his vault of ideas never realised. A vault that includes a James Bond film and, apparently, a third Kill Bill. Face it, he’ll never make Volume 3. Anyway, now fully back in love with Rum Punch Quentin made a few small adjustments, changing the lead character’s name and changing the title, and then began to set about making his ode to 70s Blaxploitation films. So how did Tarantino’s third film turn out? Click the link to find out.

Where’s review No.208?

Film Review No.168: Judge Dredd

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to get my opinionated mitts all over this film for some time. The 1995 Sylvester Stallone starring Judge Dredd movie is one of the most maligned comic book adaptations of all time. It gets a crazy amount of flak, some justified to be fair. Wait, was that a pun? It is by no means perfect… but… I think it deserves a little bit of defending. Now I’ll go over the films various problems for sure, but I want people to know this. I enjoy this film and I’m not afraid to say it. And I think that if you took the time to watch it again you may find yourself a little less quick to unfairly judge it.

Oh, that was a pun for sure.

“I knew you’d say that” was a pretty bad running gag to be honest.

Film Review No.108: John Carter (Of Mars)

Better late than never eh? I mean me getting around to seeing this. Not the fact that a film based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter novels has been doing the rounds for about 80 years now. Also it only took Disney about 1 year to suck the life out of the film prior to release by making some really bizarre marketing choices. But how has the film actually turned out after all these years of countless cancelled projects? Click the link to find out.

I was actually disappointed that there was no Wilhelm scream.


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