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GODZILLA SEASON: Film Review No.290: Invasion Of Astro-Monster


We’re now Six films into the Godzilla series and, already, we’ve moved away from what the original film was drastically. The dark thematic elements regarding Japan’s fear of the Atomic bomb has been replaced with cursory discussion. Godzilla is no longer the villain but has become almost an anti-hero fighting to protect Earth. Gojira was very much set in the real world, in this film the Earth in invaded by aliens from Jupiter’s recently discovered moon, Planet X. The change in tone and style over the first 6 films is so grand that, if were not for the iconic design of Godzilla himself, you’d think thee films were entirely unrelated. This would be akin to making a sequel to a film like RoboCop and giving him a jetpack or having him fighting ninja robots or something equally stupid. Thankfully that fate has never befallen RoboCop. Godzilla, on the other hand, is only part of the way through his Showa era transformation. Click the link below to see if I think these changes have worked out for the best.

Oh no! They say he’s got to go.

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Film Review No.244: Indie Game The Movie


I’ve been a bit lazy recently. Last film review I did was for Alpha Papa which was over 2 weeks ago. The reason for this break is because I came across this little show that has been around for a few years and decided I’d catch up on it. Some show called Breaking Bad. It ain’t too shabby. You should watch it. When I’m done with Breaking Bad I might try watching this other cult show called Game of Thrones or something. I dunno, never heard of it. Anyway, after finishing season 4 of Breaking Bad yesterday I remembered that I have this site and decided to watch a film. That film was Spaceballs… but then I figured I’ve seen that, like, 4,000 times so instead I watched Indie Game The Movie. I guess you could click the link for my review. Don’t worry, I’ll cover Spaceballs at some point.


Film Review No.240: The World’s End


This is it. The grand finale to the three flavours Cornetto trilogy. A trilogy that pretty much doesn’t actually exist but the marketing team have enjoyed all the money from cross promoting this with the UK’s leading brand of cone based ice cream. So, no, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End aren’t really a trilogy. Much less one that is intrinsically tied together by a quite nice ice cream based confection. Personally the mint choc chip was always my favourite, but I can settle for strawberry. Can I have my free box of Cornettos now Walls? Anyway, my review of The World’s End is after that link thing that’s below this paragraph. Unless you came straight to this page. In which case just keep scrolling down. Don’t forget to read though. I like it when people do that.

What’s with those new mini ice cream free Cornettos? That’s just odd.

Film Review No.236: Idiocracy


Nightmare visions of the future. We all love them. From 1984 to Blade Runner many creative types have had their vision of just how wrong the world will get depicted on screen. Disregarding the often quite naïve time frame some of these books, and later films, have predicted the downfall of society (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Is set in 1992, Blade Runner 2019) they generally predict that the future will be a dark place full of thought police, rain, smog and a distinct lack of personal hygiene. In recent years, as technology companies casually pretend 1984 was a guide and not a warning, have depicted the future as being quite bright but with some sort of rich/poor divide and a crazy robot for Will Smith to fight. There tends to be a parallel between real life good times depicting nightmare futures to real life bad times (such as today) and the depiction of a more hopeful and more action packed future. Which is probably why a film such as Idiocracy had trouble getting an audience. Follow the link for me sort of explaining this all a bit better.

Welcome to Film Dump, I love you.

The Film Dump’s 2nd Birthday Review Special!!! Film Review No.226: Iron Man 3


What? You thought I’d only have 1 review for The Film Dump’s 2nd birthday? Nah dawg! I don’t roll like dat… or something. Second birthday means I do two reviews, which also means next year I’ll have to decide if I wanna do three. Maybe I’ll finally do the Godfather Trilogy. Anyway, I digress, point is that tonight I went to see Iron Man 3 and it was really quite an enjoyable action spectacular. Click the link below to read my actual review… there is much to be discussed.

The lovely Fan Bingbing is in this but buggered if I spotted her. Google her.

Film Review No.166: The Ides Of March

Had this one on my to review list for a little while. Well, a month. This week’s gonna have a few reviews coming your way to make up for how slack I’ve been the last few weeks. Starting with The Ides Of March I intend to have 4 reviews posted this week with one of my most anticipated releases of the year, that being Dredd 3D, to be posted last. So, on with the review for The Ides Of March. Click the link!!!

Et tu Gosling..?

Film Review No.109: I Saw The Devil

Hey look! I’m reviewing another very violent foreign language film! I feel like I do one of these at least once a month. Not really representing world cinema as well as I probably should. Still, if you wanna see someone get their Achilles tendon cut in a nice protracted close up then there’s only one place to go really. South Korea!!! No that one shot in Kill Bill doesn’t count. Way too fast and doesn’t do the sheer pain of such an attack true justice. Oh, here’s my review for Jee-Woon Kim’s I Saw The Devil….

The Devil of the title is figurative…

Movie Review No.74: Ichi The Killer

Isn’t violence fun? I mean, watching it. Getting beat up ain’t that much fun. Unless you’re Kakihara the lead character in Ichi The Killer. He loves a bit of pain and he’s considerate because he enjoys giving and receiving. He’s the guy in the photo up there blowing smoke out of some gills he made himself. It’s the latest look for piecing and body modification enthusiats I hear. Anyway, here’s my review of Ichi The Killer.

Do you think you could pull a mans arm off with your bare hands?

Tarantino Season Chapter 8: Film Review No.53: Inglourious Basterds

So why is the title spelled like that? Is it because Tarantino writes everything phonetically? Or maybe it’s because he didn’t feel like paying the license for the 1978 film The Inglorious Bastards? I’d imagine it’s the latter. If he had to pay for a license fee he wouldn’t have been able to have such an unnecessarily large cast. Also he probably had to pay someone off to let him have that personally gratifying foot fetish scene. On with the review!

Brad Pitt would like his Nazi scalps please.

Movie Review No.45: Ip Man

SO far I’ve reviewed 5 martial arts films and not one of them has been Chinese in origin. Ninja Terminator is actually Filipino interestingly enough. So here’s my first proper 100% bonafide Chinese martial arts movie review, and it’s a doozy. Ip Man is the tale of a period of time in the life of one of the most influential martial arts masters of modern times, a man that trained Bruce Lee which eventually led to the creation of Jeet Kune Do. So, click the link for the review to see what I thought.

ugh, did I actually use the word “doozy”?


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