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Film review No.300: Miami Connection


Sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll hold off on reviewing a film for what I consider a special occasion. For example, I held off covering any James Bond films until just before Skyfall was released because I felt it would make sense to cover them all at once. Same reason I’m covering the Godzilla films right now. Miami Connection is a film I wanted to hold off on until just the right moment. It needed to be a milestone film. And not one of them X50 milestones. This HAD to be a X00 milestone. I intended to review it 100 films ago as review 200 but I discovered that the Blu-ray was not region free a little too late and was unable to get another copy in time. That has been sorted this time around. I’ve held of watching what many now regard as the best-worst movie. Sorry Troll 2. If you have never heard of Miami Connection I implore you to read this review, maybe also watch the episode of Red Letter Media’s Best of the Worst where they cover this, and them embrace the fact that you will need to see this as soon as possible. Click the link below for The Film Dump’s 300th review!

Review for eternity, loyalty, honesty.

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Film Review No.283: Captain America – The Winter Soldier


I am going to start by saying that I cannot promise I won’t spoil something. I am going to try as hard as humanly possible to not spoil the film though. A fair amount has been shown in trailers already so anything to do with that is fair game as far as I’m concerned, but man… they’ve really made it hard to not mention all the cool stuff that happens in this film. This is… and I’m asking you to brace for hyperbole here… the exact Captain America film my nerd brain has been wanting to see for years. It may be the best film in the Marvel cinematic universe. I can’t decide for sure right now. Click the link below and I’ll try to explain… hopefully without spoiling too much, just why The Winter Soldier is such an excellent comic book movie.


Film Review No.249: Runner Runner


What’s this? Justin Timberlake in a lead role? Ben Affleck playing a villain? How rare? Note that that isn’t sarcasm because those are actually both rare occurrences. Quite refreshing to see someone willing to take a chance like that. Especially as it kinda makes sense. Affleck comes across as an insufferable dick in 90% of what he’s in so making him the villain is a good idea. And, dammit, Timberlake is just so gosh darn charming. He should be a lead. So, does that risk pay off in Runner Runner? Well… click the link to go all in!

Poker metaphors!!!

Tarantino Season Chapter 1: Film Review 206: Reservoir Dogs


Well where else would I start with a season of Tarantino reviews than with Reservoir Dogs? My Best Friend’s Birthday you say? Stop being a completionist. No-one has seen that. Not fully anyway. What do you mean I’ve already done a load of Tarantino reviews? That’s just sounds like the ramblings of a mad man. Does this not say it’s review 206? that means it follows on from review 205 which was Scrooged, not a Tarantino film. Pffft… kids today. Click the link why don’t ya!

No I don’t mention City On Fire.

Tarantino Season Chapter 2: Film Review No.207: True Romance


You know what is quite a nice experience? Revisiting a film you haven’t seen for a long time. I don’t mean a long time as in a couple of years, or even a decade. I mean long enough to not be entirely sure that the film was a good as you remember it being. Quite often this doesn’t pay off as anyone who I’ve forced to watch the Garbage Pail Kids Movie will testify. But sometimes it really pays off, as it did a number of years back when I re-watched Robocop for the first time since I was a kid. Nostalgia is a fickle bitch. Last night I watched a film I haven’t seen since it was released on VHS here in the UK which has to be around 18 years now. Lets see how well that film, True Romance, holds up.

You’re a Cantaloupe

Film Review No.202: Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol


How old is Tom Cruise now? Gotta be like 55 surely. It’s actually 50? Fair enough. Feels like he’s been around forever. You’d think his dubious mental state and the fact he belongs to a religious cult that grossly exaggerates it’s numbers as well as having some very dubious practices would have waned his star power over the years. But here we are at the fourth entry in the Mission Impossible film series. For a 50 year old Cruise is looking pretty youthful. Maybe there’s something in this Star Trek cult of his.

Someone should really do a new series of Mission Impossible.

Film Review No.200: Chinatown

I’ve got into the habit on this here blog-space thing of reviewing some of the worst films cinema has to offer when it comes to my milestone reviews. At review 50 I covered Mortal Kombat Annihilation, at 100 the classic that is Troll 2, on the one year anniversary I trolled people by reviewing The Avengers… The one with Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes and the 150th review was for the obscure cult nightmare that is Death Bed. As review number 200 began to appear on the horizon I really couldn’t decide what to watch. I had a few ideas, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, Story of Ricky-Oh, that sort of film. There was one problem though. The month of November 2013 has been a financial bitch for me and as such I’ve been unable to afford to purchase those films. So I raided my film collection instead. Now seeing as I am one of those weird people that always purchases physical copies of films rather than downloading them from dubious sources my actual collection at home is most either films I greatly enjoy or cinema classics. It is from the latter category that I chose review 200. One of my personal favourite films of all time, Roman Polanski’s Chinatown.

Don’t eat the banners, I only just had them put in.


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