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Film Review No.321: Doc Of The Dead


So I have somehow come to review 3 zombie themed films in a row. Two of this are Paul’s fault, that’s fair enough, but Doc of the Dead is all me. Heard about this documentary being made with the involvement of the guys from Red Letter Media, providing some short Plinkett themed gags, a few months back. The film has just appeared on Netflix so I guess I had to review it. Click the link below for words about this.

Grrr, Arg!

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Film Review No.261: Best Worst Movie


I may have mentioned this before but Troll 2 is pretty much some kind of work of cinematic genius. By “some kind of” I mean somewhere between Manos Hands of Fate and Citizen Kane. I’m not sure exactly where it sits, but it is clearly between those two films. Best Worst Movie follows the cult fandom of Troll 2 that has built over the course of nearly 2 decades after it’s initial release. The film explores why Troll 2 is so adored and how that adoration has effected the lives of the cast and the film’s director Claudio Fragasso. Quite brilliantly this documentary is directed by possibly the best person for the job, star of Troll 2, Michael Stephenson. Click the link for my totally unbiased review of Best Worst Movie!

What are you going to do to me daddy?

Film Review No.244: Indie Game The Movie


I’ve been a bit lazy recently. Last film review I did was for Alpha Papa which was over 2 weeks ago. The reason for this break is because I came across this little show that has been around for a few years and decided I’d catch up on it. Some show called Breaking Bad. It ain’t too shabby. You should watch it. When I’m done with Breaking Bad I might try watching this other cult show called Game of Thrones or something. I dunno, never heard of it. Anyway, after finishing season 4 of Breaking Bad yesterday I remembered that I have this site and decided to watch a film. That film was Spaceballs… but then I figured I’ve seen that, like, 4,000 times so instead I watched Indie Game The Movie. I guess you could click the link for my review. Don’t worry, I’ll cover Spaceballs at some point.


Film Review No.126: The Story Of Film: An Odyssey

This is so meta…. I’m reviewing a film that is essentially a review of the history of film. A catalogue of it’s advancements, influences and cultural shifts. The Story Of Film: An Odyssey is an epic, and believe me that term is used fully in context, documentary about the history of film from the very first images ever captured in motion on film all the way up to modern films such as Avatar and Inception. It even has an epilogue that discusses the potential futures of film. Understandably this was quite an undertaking for director Mark Cousins. Click the link for my account of my journey through this story of film.

One long ass bedtime story for a young Scorsese

Film Review No.104: Nightmares In Red, White and Blue

I’ve covered a horror themed documentary before here on The Film Dump, that one being Video Nasties. That was a very British focused doc about the era in the early 80s when horror films were getting banned left, right and centre. Today’s film is focused on the history of the US horror genre and how it reflected the tastes of the times. An interesting history it is too. Click the jump to read my views on the documentary Nightmares In Red, White and Blue.

Does this make you JUMP? ho ho ho!

HORROR WEEK! Movie Review No.79: Video Nasties, Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape

So you know how videogames get blamed for every evil in the world these days? And how apparently murderers and pedophiles didn’t exist until the internet made them? Well that’s all lies. Shocking I know. You see the truth is horror movies are to blame. At least they were when I was a kid. They were labeled by popular British comics such as The Sun and the Daily Mail as “Video Nasties” and that was a phrase I knew very well as a child. Video Nasties the documentary covers the period in British film history when 72 films were banned and removed from sale, when people were arrested, fined and jailed for selling them and when a group of attention seekers and politicians decided to make it their goal to milk this campaign for all it was worth. Read on for what is likely to stop being a review of the documentary and likely to end up being me bitching about how stupid this all was and how we’re still letting people repeat the same mistakes.

Ban this sick filth!

Movie Review No.70: Trekkies

You know how I did a whole week of Star Wars movie reviews because I’m one of those suckers that brought the blu-ray collection on day one? Well my love for Star Wars is second only to my love for Star Trek. And pizza. The reason is likely because Star Trek (and pizza) have never gone out of their way to ruin what I loved about them. I suppose you could say I am a Trekkie. I’d rather you didn’t though. Anyway, here’s my review of the documentary Trekkies.



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