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Film Review No.370: Jack & Jill


Have you guys seen Tony Zhou’s Every Frame A Painting videos on Youtube? They’re really good. Every-time I watch them I’m reminded of how wonderful film can be. I used to watch, and indeed cover on here, a lot more art house cinema. Whilst I love big flashy dumb films, I prefer a beautifully shot exploration of a character or a situation. His latest, on director Lynne Ramsay, really reminded me of this. Anyway, I watched Jack & Jill this week. Fuck.


GODZILLA SEASON: Film Review No.285: Gojira


Back when I was a youngster of some variety formerly decent British TV Channel, Channel 4, set up a film sister channel called Film 4. This was back in 1998, which means the variety of youngster I was would have been a 16 year old. Early on they did a few nights of Godzilla films and it was then that I saw the original Godzilla. Before this point I had seen the 1998 abomination “starring” Matthew Broderick and a number of random Godzilla films on VHS. The original Godzilla, or Gojira as it probably should be referred to in order to differentiate itself from the previously mentioned US film and the upcoming reboot, was a very different film to the ones I had seen before. It was slower paced, darker and there was no other monsters in sight. Also it was in Japanese. At this point, if you did see a Godzilla film, it would have likely been the English dubbed versions which often edited down from their original versions. This was the first Godzilla film I had seen without it being presented through the distorted lens of a US film studio. This was the real Godzilla experience. I watched the film again last night for the first time in a long, long time. How did it hold up? Click the link below.

With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound

Movie Review No.5: Titanic 2 … Wait, What?

Yeah, Titanic 2. It’s a thing that happened. Now first thing to get straight is that this isn’t a sequel to the James Cameron billion dollar cash cow Titanic. See it’s called Titanic 2 but it’s not Titanic 2. The boat is called the Titanic 2 and the film is named after the boat. That looks exactly like the Titanic, except with a 2 on the side of it. Apparently it’s also really high tech and fast on the inside though so that’s different. So what happens in this film? Well it’s made by The Asylum so it’s bound to be an original piece of film making I’m sure. If original meant being a blatant shameless cash in on something that is either currently or at some point quite popular.

This blog will go on.


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