Daily Archives: August 1, 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Trailer Is Out!

Looks frigging epic. The Dark knight Returns is, as for many Bat-fans, one of my favourite Batman comics. It was a massive force in the change of direction of that Batman underwent during the 80s. I was quite apprehensive upon hearing the news that Bruce Timm’s team was going to be making the comic as a film at first. Not because I doubted their ability to make a great animation but because I was unsure if they’d be able to fully represent a comic that is densely packed both visually and with it’s story. A while back they announced it would be split into two parts. Personally I would have preferred them to make it just one long film instead but that’s how it is. After the jump is the first full trailer for the first part of the feature. It looks amazing.

Old man Bruce is gettin’ up to his old tricks again.


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