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Film Review No.165: RoboCop

Today is one of those days where I tackle a film I’ve always been in two minds about covering. See I like reviewing films, it passes the time and allows me to hopefully help other people find new films to watch they might have missed before. I also really enjoy tearing into the bad ones. Not good-bad films like Troll 2 and Ninja Terminator but BAD-BAD films like Ultraviolet and Titanic II. The reason I get apprehensive about some films though is because they’re the exact opposite. Films that aren’t just good, but they’re in the upper echelon of film-making. I’ve covered a few – Tokyo Story, LA Confidential and Alien for example – and if you go read those reviews (Please do!) you’ll likely tell that I was at times struggling to find the right words to express just how special the film is. Today I cover one of those films. Today I take on what is possibly the greatest genre films of the 80s. Today I review RoboCop.

Somewhere there is a review happening.

Film Review No.164: The Adjustment Bureau

Sorry about he slight break with these reviews. I started a secondary blog called The Games Dump with which to post mostly video based content about games. Turns out I’m a really slow editor and easily distracted and so it took me 2 weeks to finish a simple 9 minute video. Because of that I struggled to find the time to write a review. But that video is done and now I’m back on track for some movie based writing. Today’s review is for the paranoia thriller-cum-romance The Adjustment Bureau. Click the link for my review.

Fun fact: I finally learned how to spell the word “bureau” today.

Film Review No.163: Your Highness

So while I try to learn how to edit like a amateur to make my first video for The Games Dump (It is being made, I promise. And it will not be worth the wait.) I decided I shouldn’t neglect the blog I actually have running. So I decided to get onto one of the films I’ve had ready to watch for a while now. The James Franco and Danny McBride starring Your Highness. Click the link for my review!

Click the tossing link you plonkers! … See, not funny

Film Review No.162: Tremors 4 – The Legend Begins

About 8 months ago I introduced a friend of mine to the glory that is Tremors starring Kevin Bacon. It’s a film I’ve loved since I was a kid. Kevin Bacon didn’t star in the sequels. I’m not a fan of the sequels. So much so I never bothered watching the prequel Tremors 4 the Legend Begins. That was until a few days ago when the same friend of mine revealed that she had a copy and I’m gonna pretend she forced me to watch it. To be fair this prequel isn’t entirely bad though. So how entirely not bad is it? Click the link to find out!!!

Google Tremors The Game. It’s awesome.

I’ve Started A New Blog!!!

So I’ve started a new gaming based blog called, imaginatively enough, The Games Dump! It won’t be updated as often as The Film Dump is but the intention is for me to create some gaming based video content for ya’ll to view. We’ll see how this goes because it’s likely to consume a huge amount of time making these videos up. I’ll also be posting the odd written review of any games I manage to complete, which will not be that often because I rarely do. Remember to subscribe to it if you feel like seeing what random nonsense I’ll be posting on there. You can view The Games Dump’s first post by following the link RIGHT HERE!!!! There’s also a Youtube channel made to service both The Games Dump and future video posts for The Film Dump itself. You can visit the Youtube page RIGHT HERE!!!

Film Review No.161: Urotsukidoji II – Legend Of The Demon Womb

First off, apologies for not doing a review for a whole week. Basically I’ve had a week off work and got myself some new toys to play with that will hopefully allow me to do a few new things around this here web blog thing. Hopefully what I’ve acquired will pay off and I won’t just get bored with the added effort they’ll require. Watch this space and all that for details. To make up for it I have two reviews coming, this one and one tomorrow, for films that I probably shouldn’t have bothered watching. But I have anyway because this is the slowest expanding movie review database on the internet and as such it needs to be filled. Slowly… like the dirty whore that it is. Also, before I start this review, yes I am aware that there is a picture of some kittens at the top of the page. You try finding tasteful screenshots from this film. Click the link for the review.

Urot-sucky-doji more like!!!

Film Review No.160: Step Brothers

Unfathomably, John C Reilly season continues here on The Film Dump! Somehow, through the sheer luck of the Lovefilm disc selection lottery I have managed to receive 3 John C Reilly starring films in a row. Seriously, I did nothing to manipulate this. Last week I reviewed Carnage, at the start of this week I reviewed We Need To Talk About Kevin and today I’m covering the Will Ferrell & John C Reilly starring Step Brothers. I don’t think I have any more films on my rental list with him in them though so normal service should be resumed shortly. For now, click the link for my review dum-dum.



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