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Film Review No.156: The Dark Knight

Well here’s the biggie. Well at least until Friday. The Dark Knight is, by quite some margin, THE most successful Batman film both financially and critically. Well unless you count Under The Red Hood’s 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but that’s only from 7 reviews. Great film though. The Dark knight managed to gross over $1billion in worldwide takings, the only Batman film to do so. Some would argue that it only reached that point because of the fact that one of it’s leads, Heath Ledger, died a few months before release thus creating extra hype around the film. Fact is, if the film sucked then no amount of Heath Ledger hype would have made it take even half that money. Unless it had Transformers in it. They seem to be immune to quality. Anyway, click the link for my review!!

Why so reviewious…. nah, doesn’t work.


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