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Film Review No.149: The Batman Superman Movie

I wasn’t sure if I should include this in my Batman season but it has the words “Batman” and “Movie” in the title so I guess my hands were tied. The reason I would have discounted it was because A) It’s actually 3 episodes of the Superman animated series tied together and 3) isn’t even an hour long. Considering I currently have 8 days to get through another 6 Batman films before The Dark knight Rises is released, plus my super secret 150th review choice, I may have made the wrong decision. Luckily The Batman Superman Movie proved to be a pretty enjoyable piece of cobbled together Bat-tainment. Nope, I’m not done with the bat puns. That 1966 film has had an effect on me. Click the Bat-link to read my review.

Batman could take Superman if he had time to prepare.

Film Review No.148: Return To The Batcave – The Misadventures Of Adam & Burt

Like a film genre exploring Batarang that has passed the ellipsis of it’s flight I have returned to the source of my second to last review, the 1960s Batman. By which I mean I’ve gone from the 1966 Batman movie, to the exact opposite in the form of Yasujiro Ozu’s Tokyo Story and now I have rejoined Adam West & Burt Ward for what my be their most confounding adventure yet. The theft of the Batmobile. What in the blue hell am I on about? Click the link to find out.

Old bats, new tricks.


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