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Film Review No.141: Batman Beyond – Return Of The Joker

Now that I’ve gotten through the 90s Batman live action film series it’s time to start approaching the animated film. Batman The Animated Series originally came to TV a short while after Tim Burton’s first film. It was heavily influenced by said film and even used the Danny Elfman theme tune for its title sequence. After the series had run it’s course series creator Bruce Timm created a new Batman adventure set around 40 years after the events of The Animated Series. This story followed a elderly Bruce Wayne begrudgingly recruiting a local and quite persistent troublemaker called terry McGinnis to take up the… well just the cowl, there’s no cape, of Batman. This series was called Batman Beyond and like a lot of the elements created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for The Animated Series elements of Beyond, such as McGinnis himself, have begun to be adopted into the comic book canon. I’ll cover just how important that original series was in later reviews. For now I’m covering what could possibly be the darkest of all the animated Batman films. Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

Jokers here!

Bonus Post! It’s The Man With The Iron Fists Red Band Trailer

Yup, that’s a dude getting his eye punched out. No sooner had I got done posting my Sci-fi themed Trailer Park then along comes IGN posting it’s exclusive Red Band trailer for The RZA’s directorial debut The Man With The Iron Fists. Was not on my radar because in all honesty I didn’t expect much. This trailer is awesome. It maybe has a little too much computer imagery for my traditionalist Kung Fu movie tastes but it does look really fricking awesome. It looks exactly like a life long kung Fu movie fan has given free reign to make the movie he’s always wanted to see. Click the link to see the trailer.

Gravel Pit was where the Wu Tang Clan died for me.

Trailer Park Thursday’s Sci-Fi Spectacular Edition!

Quite a nice image that. Apparently it is a public domain image some anonymous guy made. Talented man whoever he is. Anyway, two awesome (Opinions may vary) Sci-Fi trailers got posted last night so they’re gonna be the subject of this weeks Trailer Park. First up is the Colin Farrell starring Total Recall remake. I reviewed the original a short time ago and actually have something resembling high hopes for this remake. The second trailer is for Looper starring Joseph Gorden-Levitt as Bruce Willis! It’s kinda like The Kid but in reverse and with more guns. I’ll dig up something retro too. Click the link yo!

If I’m not the real me, then who the hell am I?


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