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Film Review No.132: The Cabin In The Woods

Well I’m back from my little holiday to Sweden. Stockholm is a lovely city and it’s worth visiting Gamlastan and getting a boat ride around the Archipelago. It’s also worth going to a Swedish cinema to watch an American film presented with Swedish subtitles. An odd experience it is. Partly because usually when I see subtitles they’re in English and it’s because the film is foreign, not the other way around. It is also odd because everyone in Sweden speaks English, many better than the average Brit, so the purpose of subtitling their films seems redundant. Anyway, whilst there I saw Prometheus for a second time, in 2D (I suggest seeing it in 3D first) and I also saw the Cabin In The Woods, hence the title of this review. Click the link for my thoughts.

Don’t go into the cabin in the woods… unless it’s showing this film that is!!!


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