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Film Review No.124: Sucker Punch

Occasionally it get cajoled into reviewing a film I probably wouldn’t have watched. I said right from the start that I don’t mind taking requests for reviews on here. Usually it pays off well, for example the films Dear Wendy, The King, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lucky Number Slevin were all requested by people I know or from readers in the comments. Sucker Punch is one I resisted though for a while. Plenty of people had told me to watch it. I think these people hate me because Sucker Punch is terrible. Really, really terrible.

King Hippo used to sucker punch me all the time. Jerk

Trailer Park Thursdays: Murderin’ Time Edition

Not done a trailer park for a few weeks but this week I have come across two hum dingers of a doozey type… erm… good trailers. First up is Gangster Squad Starring Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling. Second is the new William Friedkin film Killer Joe. After that I guess I’ll find something that fits the bill for a retro trailer of the week!

After this I must go practice my stabbing. Ah-haaaa!!!

Film Review No.123: The Guard

You know what’s nice? When a well known and much lauded actor realises that he or she isn’t too big to appear in smaller films. Don Cheadle is a very well known actor these days he’s one of those guys that seems to have no ego. He’s been in award winning films like Hotel Rwanda and summer blockbuster fun like Iron Man 2. Here The Don…. nah that won’t stick… appears in The Guard alongside one of Ireland’s finest, Brendan Gleeson. The Guard is best/lazily described as Lethal Weapon meets Father Ted. Or maybe a darker Irish version of Hot Fuzz. Click the link for my review!

Cliceáil an nasc seo

Film Review No.122: Drive

Yeah I said I’d get around to it eventually. Drive was the one film last year I probably should have seen in the cinema, but I was skint (still am), and there was other stuff out. Well I’ve watched it now so people can stop telling me to see it and start telling me to see Shame or whatever. Anyone ever see the Marc Dacascos film called Drive? That was quite a fun movie. Wish I still had a copy. I’ll review that one day too cos it’s a bit of a forgotten gem. Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive though is not going to become a forgotten gem though. It’s going to be one of those films spoke about in the same breath as some of the modern greats. Click the link for my review.

Drive like nobodies watching

Film Review No.121: Tucker & Dale Vs Evil

Post-modernism is all over the place these days. It is possibly the biggest creative force in artistic works of the last 15 – 20 years, especially in film. No genre has been through the post-modern cycle more times than horror. From Wes Craven’s first Scream film all the way through to Cabin In The Woods people have been taking a subverted look at the horror genre for new ways to twist it around for the younger, more culturally aware age. It’s a time where films are always letting you either peek behind the curtain or are flipping the curtain around to show you how it’s stitched. Does that make sense? I have no idea. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil everybody!!!

We got yer review!!!)

Brand new Amazing Spider-Man Trailer!!!

You may have notice I’ve not been doing Trailer Park Thursdays recently. The reason is because the recent trailer releases haven’t been that big and when it comes to the actual biggest of the bigs I give them their own post. Basically I’m going with the philosophy of less padding but more meat. If that’s a phrase. If not, then I just coined it and I expect 2p every time someone uses it. Anyway, here’s a trailer for The Amazing Spider-man courtesy of MovieclipsCOMINGSOON from Youtubes.

Don’t expect something that’s Avengers good here.

Film Review No.120: Stardust

So about 5 years ago all the foppish hipster types started going on about a film called Stardust. These where the fangirls (Mostly girls) that always cream themselves whenever a Neil Gaimen book comes out so I pretty much ignored them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Gaimen’s writing but, like say Tim Burton, he has a gaggle of fans that just irk me. They just love everything he does without reason. Tim Burton fans are far worse of course, but I digress… I avoided Stardust because the trailer was a bit weak, it had a Take That song attached to it and I don’t need teenage girls that wouldn’t know a good story if it smacked them in the face telling me what to watch. These same fangirls totally forgot to hype up Coraline though because by that point there was talk of Twilight being turned into a film and they were gushing all over that now. Coraline is awesome. Also, I should have watched Stardust sooner.

there’s an unfortunate lack of Alvin Stardust in this film


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