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Film Review No.120: Stardust

So about 5 years ago all the foppish hipster types started going on about a film called Stardust. These where the fangirls (Mostly girls) that always cream themselves whenever a Neil Gaimen book comes out so I pretty much ignored them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Gaimen’s writing but, like say Tim Burton, he has a gaggle of fans that just irk me. They just love everything he does without reason. Tim Burton fans are far worse of course, but I digress… I avoided Stardust because the trailer was a bit weak, it had a Take That song attached to it and I don’t need teenage girls that wouldn’t know a good story if it smacked them in the face telling me what to watch. These same fangirls totally forgot to hype up Coraline though because by that point there was talk of Twilight being turned into a film and they were gushing all over that now. Coraline is awesome. Also, I should have watched Stardust sooner.

there’s an unfortunate lack of Alvin Stardust in this film

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3

I quite like that image. Anyway, new Dark Knight Rises trailer. Watch it… after the jump of course.

So there’s this guy I know who has a massive man crush on Tom Hardy. It’s getting disturbing.


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