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Trailer Park Thursdays: It’s Not Thursday Edition

Cat picture is way relevant. So why am I posting trailers today? Because tomorrow night I’ll be out watching Prometheus, that’s why. I’ll do my best to get a review up right after I get home but considering that won’t be until 3AM there’s a chance I might just leave it until the next day seeing as I’m going to Sweden on June 2nd. So I figured I’d post a couple of trailers today. First up will be Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables, followed by Steve Carell and Keira Knightley starring Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World. After that something retro. Enjoy!

Kittens are always relevant!

Film Review No.129: Super 8

Who likes The Goonies? Everyone right? J.J. Abrams certainly does. So much so he’s made a bit of a modern love up to that early 80s style of kids adventure movie that wasn’t afraid to be a little action packed and occasionally scary. It’s a style of kids film that has been lost over the years. These days too many kids films are full of dumb jokes that even kids struggle to find funny and usually involve some actor trying his hardest to flush his career down the pan. Does anyone honestly think any kids are gonna grow up with fond memories of films such as The Tooth Fairy or The Pacifist? What kids want to see is giant fecking robots blowing stuff up. But other than that they wanna see other kids having adventures and getting into scrapes. As much as I’m not a fan at least the Harry potter films got that sort of right. So what did I think of Super 8’s attempts to bring back this style of kids film? Click the link to find out.

There’s only 5 kids and none of them are super. I don’t get it.

Film Review No.128: Fright Night (2011)

This should be a fun review. For a start it’s a remake, a real one too, not just another adaptation of a book that happens to have been a film at some point. Also, I have never seen the original. So not only will I risk the ire of people who think all remakes suck, I’ll also be arousing the ire of anyone that feels the original is far superior and I’m an idiot for thinking that this remake isn’t all that bad. If it helps I have the original on my Lovefilm rental list so who knows, I might get to see it soon anyway. So, click the jump for the review and to count how many times I spell the name as Fight Night by accident.

I think I’ve used I Vant To Suck Your Blood before…

Film Review No.127: Volver

So after watching The Skin I Live In a couple of weeks back I thought I’d chuck another Almodovar on my Lovefilm rental list. I chose Volver because I’d never seen the whole film and would you look at what they’ve sent me already. Don’t worry Lovefilm, those games and older film picks are just there for show. Anyway, been wanting to sit and watch this properly for some time, and now I have. As a bonus this film has Penelope Cruz in it. How is that a bonus you say? Well it’s a bonus for me.

It’s hard to pronounce Volver without it sounding a little rude. It means return by the way, or coming back.

The List…

This is The List…

What is The List? Well I have a knack for building up a backlog of films to be watched and I’d quite like to have a system where I can tell you guys what I have planned to be reviewed in the future. So I thought I’d compile a list of films that I have ready to watch that I just haven’t go to yet. Films I have on the plan for the near future. Some are films I got in a boxed set and never got through. Some are films from my Lovefilm that have arrived, or even just films I intend to see in the cinema. Some will be films I have planned for future themed weeks. The idea is that I log them in this post, make it a sticky post, and then add and delete as I go along. This list will serve as a constant reminder to me also to get around to watching various stuff. It’s also gonna be a nightmare for me when I get that James Bond Blu-Ray set and have to add 22 films. If you see a film on there that you insist I should watch then nag me about it. If there’s something you’d like me to review then tell me and I might add it.


Alien 3
Alien Resurrection (ugh)
Brothers And Sisters Of The Toda Family
Cinema Paradiso
The Exterminator
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

OK, lets see how I get on with this.

EDIT Decided that I didn’t like not having a review image right at the top of the blog when you reach the homepage so from now on The List will be a clickable link at the top of the page above The Film Dump’s blog banner.

Film Review No.126: The Story Of Film: An Odyssey

This is so meta…. I’m reviewing a film that is essentially a review of the history of film. A catalogue of it’s advancements, influences and cultural shifts. The Story Of Film: An Odyssey is an epic, and believe me that term is used fully in context, documentary about the history of film from the very first images ever captured in motion on film all the way up to modern films such as Avatar and Inception. It even has an epilogue that discusses the potential futures of film. Understandably this was quite an undertaking for director Mark Cousins. Click the link for my account of my journey through this story of film.

One long ass bedtime story for a young Scorsese

Film Review No.125: Conan The Barbarian (2011)

I reckon if you’ve grown up over the last 30 years you’ve likely been exposed to the world of Conan The Barbarian by now. Most likely via the 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger films. That’s all well and good but they aren’t the best interpretations of the Conan mythos. But that’s also part of what makes the world of Conan so much fun. Depictions of Conan have ranged from the high fantasy babes and violence of the Robert E Howard books and future Marvel comics to the fun for all ages adventures of the 90s cartoon Conan The Adventurer and the late 90s TV series. It’s best not to watch that series though. No interpretation of Conan has really been that close to the source. The new film maybe isn’t that perfect a depiction of the source material to be fair but it’s central choice of Jason Momoa as Conan is, in my opinion, pretty spot on. So what else does the film get right? Click the link to find out.

Reviewer without fear!


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