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Trailer Park Thursdays: These Aren’t Trailers Edition. Avengers Behind The Scenes Footage!

Here’s something a little different this week. Instead of the usual random assortment of trailers this week we’re getting around 20 minutes of behind the scenes B-roll footage from The Avengers. Only 2 weeks to go until the summer blockbuster season gets kicked off to a start with Marvels mightiest heroes. I’m keeping an eye out for the trailer to the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis starring Looper to become available too today so that will be added once I see it. For now, click the link for some Avengers based fun!

Avengers pre-assemble

Filmdump.wordpress.com Is Now FilmDump.com!!

Nope, doesn’t mean much at all. The url is now Filmdump.com rather than that previous longer url. But I own this now and that means I’ll be able to use it later if I need. Or sell the url to Google if for some reason they need it. My asking price is $1 Billion. Hopefully this doesn’t screw up the RSS feed on my facebook page. Literally the one thing I’m concerned about.


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