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Film Review No.106: Source Code

No Trailer Park this week for two reasons. 1) There hasn’t really been any interesting film trailers released this week and 2) as you can tell I have a review to write. That review is obviously for Duncan Jones’ Source Code, as indicated by the title up there…^^^. I know, it’s rare that I do a Thursday review but I am because I really needed to play more World Of Warcraft last night after finally getting around to watching the film. Got my priorities all sorted out then as you can tell. So, what did I think of World Of Warcraft… wait, Source Code, that’s what I’m reviewing. Click the link and all that…

Oh boy!


When I first started this film blog dump nearly a year ago I thought I’d post the odd short film from time to time. I like short films, they show creativity at it’s most densely packed and can often give us a look at a future feature film talent or a visual artist. Then I forgot to keep an eye out for new ones after posting just one. Well I’ve just seen a new one that’s quite a doozy. Click the link to see Quantic Dream’s Kara.

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that she’s fifth in the line at the end…


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