Daily Archives: February 28, 2012

Who Wants To Watch A Scene From Prometheus?

There’s little over 3 months to go until Prometheus hits cinema screens and it would be a small understatement to say that I can’t wait. Alien is one of my all time favourite films, maybe even the top film. Whether this is a prequel or not is, well, its clearly a prequel isn’t it? I mean, if you click the jump down there you’ll be able to watch a scene possibly from the film featuring Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland of the future Weyland-Yutani Corporation, or “The Company” as they were known back in the days of Aliens. Click the jump to see a rousing press conference speech! I think they unveil ipad 14 at this event later in the film.

Obviously he’s talking about that dude that was in God Of War 2.


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