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Movie Review No.69: Buried

When you learn to write screenplays one thing that you’ll learn is that if you want to sell a script early on it’s smart to keep the locations, characters and scale as small as you can. Sure, if you’ve got something special go crazy, but if you just want to get work keep it simple. The smaller the scale the smaller the budget. Buried is about as small as it gets. 1 location, 1 on screen actor and only 2 cameras used. As simple as that sounds it was pure insanity for director Rodrigo Cortes to even attempt this. This is the sort of creative technical challenge great directors live for. How does it fare? Click the link for my views.


Trailer Park Thursday: Thriller Night!

No not that sort of Thriller night. A thriller night in the form of trailers for two thriller movies. Although I guess the choice of main picture was a bit misleading. Anyway, I have a new and very long trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo US remake, a trailer for the descriptively named Man On A Ledge and something retro-tastic! Click the jump yo!

After watching the Man On A Ledge trailer tell me if you though Martin Riggs should have been sent in.


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